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schulerkhee3 : long story short, I bought a blueray movie, cashed out and had to stand waiting for a manager to open the plastic case the movie was in. I stood holding my bags for, get this 35 MINUTES, The cashier didnt give a hoot, because I already checked out and paid, and she went about with everyone else whileI stood at the end of the cash register. I want to complain because this is the third time the same thing has happened with different employees. They check you out and don't give a crap that you have to sit and wait while your groceries are going bad. I found out that only 1 manager has the plastic key thing to open the boxes and if they are busy you are out of luck. Who can I complain to??? When I said something about waiting so long to the manager she said " i was busy at the back of the store.'
@ judy the problem is that I have to wait so long to get someone to open the case.

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Atteddyarethy : Who do you want to complain about? You complain about the cashier not caring - just what did you expect them to do? Even if they had NOT checked others out, that wouldn't help you any.

The manager? The manager apparently had other things to do first.

If this happens every time, why don't you just go somewhere else? If your answer is Walmart is cheaper, well, that's part of the price you pay.
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glenckistr : I need my screen replaced and I think three battery because my phone turns off randomly I was wondering what the average cost for something like this is
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eldemowerrorm : 70 more or less
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sheenataft : $50 from craigslist
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sepepiste : I think about 100 USD . 40 USD for the screen And 60 for the batterie
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doorriels : I have an iPhone 5 and when I try to turn it to the side so the keyboard is bigger I won't work at all, I've tried restarting it but it did nothing, idk what to do so if you can tell me please do so and thanks
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kevinmgibsonb : I was messing around with my PIN and I locked my phone and its asking for a PUK code.
I know I'm supposed to call someplace, but where?
And also, what kind of security questions do they ask you, since I got my phone a long time ago, so chances are, I don't remember most info.
I have a really old Samsung GT-S5230.
And is it possible i could get the code without calling?
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Gymnmoopamb : iPhone 5s, Samsung galaxy s4, HTC one, LG G2, Samsung galaxy note 3, Moto X.
If you don't mind please explain it would be greatly appreciated.
If you don't mind please explain it would be greatly appreciated.
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