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entextontotab :

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Petertymn : And just where is the Statements of cash flows?? Oh don't tell me you want us to guess them right?
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carpinteyroonk : I have an iPhone 5. If I quit the Skype application, can people still make video calls to me, and will the notification show up on my screen, like it does for a normal call? Does the app have to be running for people to be able to call me?

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BAPYBrakpap : Well with my phone it wont let me make calls while its not running and the same goes for my friend and everyone else i my answer is yes it has to be running for you to be able to get calls.hope this helps:)
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Rebellian : well even if you quit your Skype app, check to see whether it stays signed in by re-launching it once you exit the app. In my experience, it stays signed in. Unless you deliberately sign out of the service and then close the app, it will most likely remain signed in.

Enable Skype push notifications on Skype under iPhone 5 settings under 'notifications' to receive alerts on video calls, voice calls and incoming chat messages from Skype mobile app when the app is not actively in use.
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DupinveveSeep : The lock button on my iPhone 4S broke randomly a few hours ago, I am using the assistive touch but its a pain to have to click on that and then click device and then click lock screen everytime I want to lock my phone. I've heard that there is an app that I can just click on and it will lock my phone instead of me having to go through clicking about 3 buttons. I'm not really sure what that app is called though. If you know please let me know, it would help a lot! Or if you have any other advice on what I could do to fix the button. Thanks.
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AZAdrion : im not sure if its the same with every provider but mine broke too and i brought it to at&t and since ive had it for less than a year my warranty covered it and they gave me a new one.
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yangxh63o : there is a app like that,its only avail on jailbroke iphones.
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WheemiGacence : Please tell me the pros and cons of each and tell me which one you would get. Also tell me which one you have and what ou think of it
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Pevedildzem : i personally like the s4. More customization
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