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StevenVQ : I vaguely recall a film about this but can't remember how it ended. Anyway, imagine that you had got a million but you had to spend it all in a day. You couldn't buy a house, of course, because that would take a few days to legally become yours, so all the transactions you do have to be cash ones, i.e. the money actually leaving your hand. Oh, and you're not allowed to give any to charity either, you have to actually buy stuff. What would you do?

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epheropet : Get a custom gold plated chopper hog made with a new Harley engine. Then buy a Rolls Royce with custom made trailer to move it. That should do it
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Dwendydeave : BUY A MASERATI.
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maleagersBiam : I have the same fake iphone from this video youtube /watch?v=4NhuTkoCigk and i want to install android at least 2.2 on it. Need help. please
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Bbnolermef : I can't imagine what leads you to believe that such a thing is possible.
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dymnemberetub : Hello I was wondering if I can get the iPhone 5 off craigslist because my iPhone 4 just broke & my contract is not even close to be over I need 1 more year does it cost anything if I get off craigslist and activate it?
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Drahphawletle : I am going to switch over to T-Mobile from MetroPCS because they have better phones. I was looking to get the Samsung galaxy S3 but couldn't find it for less than $350. Is there anyone that knows someone or has a S3 that is maybe getting the S3 and is willing to sell it $250 Max?
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Ocadevx : MetroPCS also finance phones
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eradywopperse : I found one for $290
ebay /itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-16GB-SGH-T999-Good-Condition-Blue-T-Mobile-Smartphone-/390636562592?pt=Cell_Phones&hash=item5af3c0e8a0
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songfeng607 : I want to get an iphone, but my dad doesn't want to, he says its too expensive but almost all of my friends and people in school have them and most of them live in the projects, suburbs and middle class and stuff. It should be cheaper than before by now for most people to afford. This guy told me he got a contract at T-Mobile for an iPhone 5C for $99 and he mention something about paying off the phone completely in 2 years. I don't know I just need some good info so I can convince my dad that the iPhone isn't as expensive as before. I also need good recommendations on which phone companies to use. And the important points of the Phone contract from that company along with the price and stuff. At&t, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon. (NOTE: MetroPcs don't have iPhones yet). Any tips?
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