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tireargueme : I already have a job, but I'm trying to earn as much money as possible so I can buy a decent car. What else can I do besides mowing lawns and babysitting? (I've already tried this, and in the area I live there's no success.) There's an Ice Cream shop in town and I know the lady who owns it really well and she offered that I could make something and sell it there...what kind of things could I sell? Stuff for younger kids/teens?

P.S.10 points for the most creative answer(:
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unondurpidgip : Its showing the icon it is charging but hasn't turned on.. Can anyone give me idea on what to do or what could be the problem?
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sa6cheap5 : Pulg it to your pc and restore it but don't forget to back it up before .
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femolermed : i'm thinking that you're battery cant hold the charge but just to be safe try hooking it up to a pc if it hasn't already have or try turning it off. if this still doesn't work hook it up to you're pc and see if you're device comes up on itunes then you can try restoring the device and the putting all the data back on it.
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kupasadlao : My friend had the same problem and she went to her phone carrier and then she went to the actual apple store.the people at the apple store helped her a lot And got her phone working so if you have an apple store near you maybe they can help out:)
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XDedris : The system ROM needs a refresh.

To put in layman terms: your iPhone is soft-bricked (nothing to worry about).

Here's what you do. Hold the power and home buttons together for at least 10 seconds, to kick start the iPhone. you will see an apple logo on the screen and then the phone should boot as normal.
If this doesn't happen, then connect to iTunes and then again kick start the iPhone. If that doesn't work, get Redsnow on your PC, connect iPhone to PC, open Redsnow and click 'restart or boot iPhone' (or something like that) in Redsnow program. Your iPhone should boot for sure.

Else, visit the Apple Store to resolve your problem.

Hope this helps. Good luck.
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NenSninelix : i had a blackberry torch for a while that used a sim card and then i got my new iphone 5 but it broke so while i wait to get a new one can i just reactivate the sim card in the blackberry? or do i have to get a new one?
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mugonitok : I could i watched documentaries on my samsung galaxy s4 phone for about 4 hours on and off..i'm charging it now. But it's super hot. Any chance it's going to implode or explode? By the way..just out of curiosity. Do i still lose data if i enable my phone data connection and leave it there? I am not running any apps or searching the internet
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2qot54rt74o : No but try to stay off of it while it's charging
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PaHenvenceben : if u havent modified anything then its completely normal, ive been using a note 2 for almost 8 months now,,, it overheats when i play games or when it charges, but trust me, its alll normal ;)

and yes... it takes some of your data when its just on even if your not using it.
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