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zygmundti :

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marleroker : I Have A Black IPhone 5 And I Want To Trade My Cousin For His White One But Im On A Contract With Sprint Will Sprint Let Me Do That Or Is The COntract Specifically And Only For The One I Have
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bioriaseina : I can't imagine why you are asking that question here instead of asking Sprint.
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NesOrestned : I am thinking of getting a iphone 3g will games like simpsons tapped out and sims freeplay work on it please?
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indiananimator : yes
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sammyywk99 : Yup , depends on how much ram you have and the amounts of ghz
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Turammapeax : I have the Samsung galaxy stellar (version 4.1.2) I can see everyone else's emojis but I can't use emojis...someone who's a phone tech please help(:
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Jervedriple : Hey there samsung user here :) (Galazy S3). Unfortunately emjois are native images for iphone and they cannot be used and viewed as such on android devices unless rooted (Hacked).

HOWEVER there are apps in the google store such as GO keyboard which enable emojis in your keyboard and iphone users will see them. However you will not.

On of the bad things about android, but it sure has many more advantages.

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kgsb4258 : Are there 2 types of iPhones, gsm and cmda or is it one iphone that can do them all?
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