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Messcasehax : I am a Bangladeshi. Now I am working in a site which only pay via Paypal. So how can i get cash.

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ziperhapsem : You need to submature the paypal to convert to liquid asset form. Hope this helps.
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Tibiadway : Okay. So My mother's phone is eligible for an upgrade and I won't get one for another year. My Galaxy S Stratosphere won't work at all. I need a new phone.

If we order the Galaxy S3 online with her upgrade, Do we have to activate it on her plan?

Once It gets here, I could just put my 4G LTE Sim card (Verizon) In it and it would work.

But would My mother's phone still work for her??? She has a basic phone but we are on a Share everything Plan so I don't think It would affect her data...

Help?? I need to know if my plan would work at all.
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oxpahakhua : I have a Sony Xperia miro and i really want to use the Commander mode, does anyone know if it will work on that. Thanks
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BlepEphenly : Dice have confirmed Tables will work so I doubt they would only limit the mode to apple ipad since majority who own tablets have androids
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bystryzbyssus : I dont think they've announced how it works, probably a free app per game with mobile features
But yes of course its for android andd ios
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ananquefe : I downloaded some books illegaly and I yet don't know how to get them opened!! I went on Google Play Books app on the All Apps menu, and they weren't there! What should I do?? Please help as I don't want to buy it!!
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goodevry11 : I read them on "adobe reader" app or on "office suite" app.
Download ebook reader free apps from play store like adobe reader and other(there are many good apps)..i also download many paid e books free from 4shared and read them without any get a right app.
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dicSlulpcut : Do you have a library card from your local public library? If so, get the OverDrive Media Console app for Android on Google Play.
OverDrive Media Console and your local library work together to bring you free eBooks that you borrow.

"Download and enjoy eBooks and audiobooks from your library, wherever you go."
Check out: omc.overdrive /

amazon app store for android has a Kindle app for android. You can download many free eBooks on the kindle app... you don't need to own a Kindle, either!

Check out:
amazon /Amazon-com-Kindle-for-Android/dp/B004DLPXAO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376255481&sr=8-1&keywords=app+for+android
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LonoMency : I have the iPhone 4, and i'm pretty sure it's the 8 gig (if not, it's something smaller or a bit bigger, i know its not the 16 gig.) and i have deleted soooo much stuff, but still don't have room for the iOS7 which is really annoying and frusterating. If i went and bought a memory card from Rogers (my phone company) will it add more space to my iphone, or do i have to get a total separate iphone with bigger space?!
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