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Effitswes : i'm 21 years old and I am working to invest into my future. I would like to know what hotels are good to invest in, i know there is no guarantee any hotel as a failure rate.. lets no go investment over 100k. if we can go lower then 100k it would be awesome because it would give me hope. Why I say lets stick under 100k is because I don't believe i'll have 100k cash...or investing into banks ? how much would i need to invest to get that much ? U know just a basic investing questions i got...
okay then can u tell me what else is good to invest in other then banks and hotels ? thank you.

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Ìîêëàøèí : Two of the worst investments I can think of:
Banks and hotels
Energy and technology, also consumer staples
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marleroker : Hotels are seasonal and are only as good as the tourism sector is, unless you have a New York hotel that caters for businessmen . No hotelier will take on a small investor of 100K, unless a group of people pool together and invest themselves, but then again, they'd never consider a hotel. A bank is also a poor performer on the stock market, even with $1 trillion in assets, banks are unstable and tend to cause recessions for the world repeatedly. As the person above me said, invest in stable sectors like energy, although technology is roulette, you can get lucky or lose also. Other stables are pharmaceuticals, hospitals and necessity based businesses, like toilet paper or water.
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fryulgnlrlww : back up all info photos and videos so that i may factory reset my lg spectrum. back up all info photos and videos so that i may factory reset my lg spectrum
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likelucyru : This past week we have all been training for opening day at this new restaraunt. I have been training on char/grill cooking steaks and chicken. It has been me, another worker, and a trainer this past week and starting tonight, it is only going to be me on there. I am so nervous that I feel like I am about to puke. My heart is racing and I'm just so nervous overall. What can I do to overcome these feelings? It makes me feel like trying to call in or just quit and I really do not want to do that.
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Flugsoors : Every 2 hours, drink water and get a bathroom break.

Just stare at the mirror or objects or whatever is around you. Play a game on your mobile phone.

Thinking = more nervous. Keep your mind on your physical surroundings or a game and there is less thinking = less nervous.

Do this for a few minutes.

Do this before your shift if you are nervous now. Do it during your shift when you are feeling nervous also.

Also stay away from sugar. Eat bread/plain potato chips. It will slow down your mind.

More thinking = more nervous. Focus on physical surroundings and your mobile.

Slow your brain down. No sugar. No coffee. Eat some carbs

You'll feel better the first time you do this. But it takes a few days or weeks for the automatic habits of worrying, being nervous to go away. Then you get rid of these feelings for the long term.
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Tipamike : Anyone notice anything with boost mobile? I have no service for internet or facebook but I can recieve and make calls and text. Anyone else experiencing this?
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grearoriure : I haven't upgraded my phone since t mobile has did away with the old pay one price for an upgrade for two years. I am planning on pre ordering the 32 gb green iphone 5c but I noticed there is a thing that says something like, +$21 x 24mo. Or pay full at check out $549.99. I'm confused. Someone help me out please? I don't want to pay per month or 500 at checkout.
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jihuo1408g61 : Well its not free so you have to pay somewhere. You can get contracts with others where they pick up most of the cost also.
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