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2qot54rt74o : i wanna work at mastermind loved that place as a child im only 15 and i need cash so im getting a job i have my resume all done i just wanna add more to the resume so what are some nifty skills to put on it
Jeff Wattson

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kCrackMan : Im having metro pcs Apps to sd problem?

I have a lg spirit 4G from metro pcs and you can't transfer apps to
sd. .it only has 4gb of internal memory and i have 3 aps and its
already says memory full and the question im asking if there is a
way or tricks to put my internal memory to my 32 gb memory
card cause if there isnt a way the sd card is prettt much useless ..if
any phone professionals can please help me id greatly appreciate
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enurmouse : I Need Some Site That Can Make A Better Game Maker So I Need Some Thin That Can Help Me Make A Small Game A Indie Game So Any Body Ho Helps Will Be Appreciated.
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Rermcrymn : It depends on what kind of game you want to make. If you are going to make a Desktop Indie game try to start here: gamedev /
They have really good beginner tutorials.

If you are into Mobile Game Development you might want to have a look at:

Or if you don't care to spend some money:
unity3d /

I would definitely go with a Game Engine (you can do a google search for free / commercial game engines). It save you a lot of development time and is much easier to begin with.

Hope this helps!
If you are not satisfied with this answer, try to explain in more detail, what you want to achieve ;)
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Blealperb : I don't understand, I put £20 on my phone and O2 took it off me, why? I don't understand how O2 works or these bolt on things, I've only just gone on O2 from orange for this new phone but I can't figure these top up things.
Thanks :)
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igoroldtemkin : erase history on motorola droid. erase history on motorola droid
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Jessica59 : History of what?

If browser, it's in browser settings.
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