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esyez011 : Kind of new to me out here.Use to just cash my paycheck.

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FriendBrandon : Name the kind of debit card you have and people will look up the info for you.
Such as where you can re-load your card and how.
Name the bank you use - the card name. Not just visa/master card
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RobertsCoinq : The debit card is withdraws money from your bank account, thus if you make a deposit into your bank account from the ATM you are reloading it.
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AssultimurA : I have my new phone HTC one wanted to know anyone who got one who knows how to me maximise battery life thanks
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camarok : Sure, turn it off when you aren't using it.

I only have problems with battery life in areas where the phone has no or poor service. It is constantly searching for a provider and it drains the battery super quick. Turn on AIRPLANE mode. It turns the search off.
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yang1239p : It is better to seek an app from play store which can show some POSSIBLE ways to save battery. ALSO an app like Advanced task killer which can kill tasks which keep on going unnecessarily. Unload the burden of unwanted apps..
Since you are using a smartphone never expect a battery of more than 1 if you are using it for more than texting n calling.
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Beskeragmasse : Hey there!

First of all, take out the blink feed, set another wallpaper the darker it is the better it saves your battery, as bright colors demand large aboumt of power.

Remove unwanted app which are running.

Adjust the brightness lower the better.

If that doesn't give you enough battery life then buy mophie juice for HTC one, my friend got one for 69 usd. As it will give you more than a day power.

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dsyez001 : Set screen brightness lowest
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esyez011 : Turn the screen brightness down as much as possible, turn wifi off when you aren't using it (Wifi is a battery eater) set sleep time out to a short time, and lastly check there aren't any apps running that wake the phone up regularly.
Lastly consider buying an external battery pack from somewhere like Maplin so you can recharge on the go
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Hopppgyte : my huawei phone died and now it says "firmware update part 1/2 unpacking failed". i tried to hold down the power button until it powered on or off, but nothing happened. how do i use my phone again? do i have to figure out this update first?
btw, i didnt intentionally update?
ps: removed battery and put it back in. connected to charger. perfectly normal now. hurray!
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