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dsyez001 : So me and my mom went to New York City for my 16th birthday. My aunt lives there and we went to Macy's and she said get what ever you want ! We got a Macy's card so we would get a discount on our huge purchase. We spent around $700. After we put it on the card to get the discount we paid it immediately, cash. The girl somehow made a mistake and forgot to charge us to pay for $8.65. The collections office called us a month ago saying with interest we now owe $65.00. Because we couldn't go to New York City to pay and we didn't receive statements from Macy's due to the mail strike. We paid the $8.65 now. But do we have to pay the $65.00 if it was the ladies mistake in the first place?

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Reommodeswaks : I would write a very sternly worded letter to Macy's management and let them know that you don't appreciate being screwed over in this manner.

Let them know that if they do not straighten it out *immediately* that you will be forced to bring legal action against them.
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plumImmorefup : Yes, you have to pay it.

The mistake she made did not change the fact that you owed the money.

What mail strike? I've received all my mail, you would have been receiving notices for months before it went to collection.
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1mannequind : should i get the HTC One now?or wait and get the htc one max?
what would the Difference be,and what is the difference between LTE and A-lte? and can A-lte COME TO the htc one? and the processor snapdragon 800 does it make a difference ? and the GPU 320 vs 330 WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE ? ill'pick best answer + 5 star
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jordan418 : Get htc one
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phesmahjump : You should get the iPhone 5s they will say next month but if you want I think you should wait for the HTC one max
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JohnMalkovitzch : whats the best android browser to use. whats the best android browser to use
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Normagree : Pesonally I prefer Chrome and Firefox.
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Denizcan29 : personally i choose chrome as the absolute best, next Firefox, last and definately least explorer
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rdrpxlnlne : For me personally, it would be Google Chrome, then Mozilla Firefox, then Dolphin Browser, then Opera, then the stock android browser.
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