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hervebwb : if i go to the gas station, or a store, buy something and get, "cash back". whats the usual limits on this?
and i know it depends on different factors, like where you go, but what the usual limit. like CVS for example, or a sunoco gas station, or anywhere you know
visa debit card,

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preadledema : It depends on where you go, they are all different.
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eldemowerrorm : Cash back amounts start at $20
You can get increments of 20, 50, 100
- not sure what type of card you have - so this is a guess
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LincExcexia : it depends on the store
like 7-11 the maxium is $10.00
at CVS its $35.00
at vons/safeway is $200.00
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ClalavyVagDug : My htc one battery,after the update to android 4.2.2, it didn't last long due to the usage of android system 80%
Any Solution ??

PS: Since the update 24 hours passed only
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Cryclorgo : I want a iPhone but I don't want it on contract, can someone help!!?
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celtics22 : I don't think iPhones are part of a prepaid company program. But I just read this article (not really) about iPhones and prepaid carriers
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songzhang225 : Virgin Mobile has the iPhone
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BadBobbiehui : I just wanted to make sure if T-Mobile's new plans are truly unlimited.

So here are some noob questions:

- Does "unlimited talk" mean I can talk to anyone in the United States no matter what company the other person is using and what time or day of the week it is without using up any minutes or getting charged extra?

- If I choose the plan with 500MB data, only the speed with slow after 500MB and I won't be charged extra correct?

Okay, sorry for these stupid q's but I'm just paranoid that I'm going to get charged extra.
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TUTPeessyboms : Yes and no. They do have unlimited plans but the first cheapest only gives you 500MB of data.[family plan] The next level gives you unlimited but slows you to 3G after first 500MB [$50] then you can upgrade to 2.5GB for $20 before they slow down speed. then they have and unlimited but it is around $90/mo.

However, thru you can get unlimited talk, text, & 4G data no contract. It runs on the t-mobile could get free service if you refer people.
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