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uphoxottose : i am 15 and need the extra cash, as i owe my nan money each month for my contract phone. i had a part time job in a shop which paid poorly and only just covered my contract.
i have been all over my local town and asked shops for jobs. and i am getting fed up with not having a job. is there any way i can make money online any way possible.

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WenBahefforne : Get a paper round
Wash cars
Clean windows
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Sleedeetmesee : Unless you have very specific skills, such as graphic design, web design, computer programming or sell on eBay, there are no real internet work at home jobs. On line jobs are just another urban myth. You will just be bombarded with all kinds of work at home scams.
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Jessica59 : yes. you can get a ptc [pay per click.i recommend going with alertpay and not paypal to pay and recieve money because paypal had screwed many PTC and other business for no reason at all by limiting them and etc] script website online and there are other stuff you can do like selling ebooks online,having a website and earn money by being an affiliate.Im also going to have business online by bbuying scripts since i cant make my own as yet.i have not started as yet because i want a business account at alertpay to get many buy now buttons for more than one websites.i need a business registration or other stuff to send and recieve money at alertpay.
If you dont know what PTC is you can check out neobux,clixsence,and around for tips to run a PTC if you want your own.if you get PTC advertise on other PTC sites to get many members in a day.I have seen PTC that started like a month ago and they already pay out like 10 k to members which means they earn allot of money.they make allot of money due to a good plan that draws people to their site to order upgrades,adcredits,and etc
for host i recommend easycloud,to get domain names i recommend also recommend getting whoisguard.
There are other scripts I have seen that are good like game scripts [make money by adsence], auction sites [like ebay],classifieds sites,and etc. many people would customize their scripts to make them different from what they buy.if you cant find sites that sell scripts i can post some for you.i know sites that sell scripts and offer some for free. with scripts you must have it install at host [ does it for free] to see the actual website. if you dont want to have you own business online than you can make money at slicethepie by rating and reviewing songs, mechanical turks is a site that amazon owns and only USA and india people can get cash in bankaccount and not amazon gift card money like the rest of us internationals.
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LuputtefKex : My phone htc blac100 5vdc is not charging anymore. The the battery was empty and when i recharged it, the orange light did not appear and when i turn it on, i only see a black screen and after a few minutes it vibrates..what should i do?HELP ME PLEASE!:[
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Illishgighemo : Maybe it's your charger that doesn't work or you probably need to buy a new battery.
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Ironing Bord : My phone won't start up it'll just stay stuck on the logo where should I take it?
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csyez011 : does t-mobile still support subsidized prices ? cuz i want to get a s4.. its $250 at target to upgrade but at t-mobile its that monthly $20+ for 24 months for a total of $600+
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RHIFTARRICH : would it cost to get a sim card for rogers blackberry phone plus activation. would it cost to get a sim card for rogers blackberry phone plus activation
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Gonrersebesee : 3 easy payments of $19.99

and if you act now, you get this awesome Shamwow!!!!!!!!!!!
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