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anogeneInsals : Hi, this is a 2 part question and I am seriously needing help.

History: my divorce was final 5 years ago and I have been the custodial parent of two children having them both more than 50% of the time each year. I have always claimed them on my taxes which didn't matter because I wasn't working (living off of savings, etc.). My ex-spouse has been paying child support but no alimony. I entered into a graduate program in fall 2010 and my income is tiny (just a small stipend of $3,500 for that semester. My other 'income' is capital gains from selling off mutual funds, small amount of dividends).

Question Areas:
#1: CURRENT DILEMMA: My ex would like me to sign form 8332 for year 2010 (we are both filing late) for both children. It will not affect my return as I didn't make enough money (I have run the numbers both ways with me as 'head of household' but no dependents). First off, will he be able to file as 'head of household' just because I sign over form 8332 for 2010 taxes? If so, will the IRS care if both of us are filing as head of household for 2010? And, what write-offs does he get from the 8332? EIC? Dependency only? He has promised to give me cash for half of his "gain" by adding the kids to his return. So, stated again, what specific write-offs will he get out of it and can we both (or should we both) file as head of household?

#2: NEXT DILEMMA: We are also working on a new parenting plan allowing the older (14 year old) child to have more time with him. We are negotiating so nothing is final yet. I will officially still be the custodial parent of both children per the upcoming new agreement, but the older one's status will only be 51% of the time with me (so he can stay in the school system here). Still, that officially puts me as the Custodial Parent for both kids. In that same proposed parenting plan, my ex wants the legal write to claim the older child and has a checkbox that I would provide him an 8332 every year for that child. If I agree to this and I start to make a significant income, how much will this hurt me in real dollars if I were to make $35,000/year? What if I made $70,000 per year or $100,000 per year (any of those scenarios are possible given my former career and new MBA coming). I am trying to figure out if this is fair or a good thing for me but I don't know the real impact in real dollars/cents if I agree.

Sorry for all of the explanation. I hope I was complete. I very much appreciate anyone who can explain this in black-and-white. I am a real dummy when it comes to legal and tax issues. Thanks!!
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Lethytero : 1: No head of household, no EIC. Neither of you file as HOH. He only gets the allowances for both children.

#2: You have to run the numbers yourself. If you earn significant money, you will not get EIC. At $35K, you might. Use the online calculators or get yourself one of the tax software programs.
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tieday0826 : 1, if you want you can sign the waiver to allow him to claim the children(or child)
if you do this you would not be head of household, you would have no dependents to allow you that status
bear in mind that with any earned income you do have the eligibility of EIC, very small at $3500 but nonetheless, something
# 2, the parent who claims the child has the majority of 'nites' meaning 183 nites, and also bear in mind that the EIC credit does wash out with higher incomes, like $70000 or $100000
and you can sign the waiver any year you choose to, that is your choice
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pamEnera : 1. You can still file as HofH if you sign the 8332 allowing him to claim the exemptions. He does NOT get to file as HofH though based on those exemptions, since the kids lived with you not with him. He gets the dependency exemption and child tax credit. You keep any rights to HofH, child care credit, or EIC if you qaulified, he doesn't get those.

#2. If you DID have income, hard to say how much it would cost to have him able to claim the kids instead of you. At $35K income, probably roughly $1500, less at 70 or 100K since even though the tax savings from the exemption might be higher, the child tax credit would be lower.
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UndedsNance : Re #2 If he has the kid 51% of the time you are no longer the custodial parent for tax purposes and he doesnt need the 8332. If you do sign one it can be revoked later.
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alusEsmadohal : If the children stay with you most of the time, you, not your ex is a head of household. By all means be a good sport and sign off on Form 8332 for 2010 only. You can make up your mind about 2011 later.
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coachoutletolkc : I think the problem it is not with my charger because last few days i was still able to use it. Why do you think so that it's with the battery?

-i do not know how to reply here that is why i just repost it.
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Soansiodo : If so, will there be a charge?
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elsebeth9 : i wanna buy this book from there which is like 9 bucks. anyway there's three options. use credit card, redeem code, and use Verizon wireless billing. I don't have a credit card and idk what the redeem code thing is lol. so what'll happen when I choose the wireless billing?
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imallyFleeD : I have a unofficial unlocked iPhone and I was wondering if any problems would happen if I upgraded the OS from the phone and not from iTunes?
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