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acaloRagflurl : I'm a 13 year old girl, and it's a summer day. I really want to make some money. Quick. I'm home alone at the moment, but I really want some cash! Like, now! Got any ideas?
P.S. No, lemonade stand isn't the answer I'm looking for, neither is stupid scam "money making" websites.

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Neenstookem : Okay so im a huge fan of the GTA series and was hoping to get GTA V when it comes out but i was also thinking i should get a new cell phone for school purposes and to text some friends although i hate to text and to talk on the phone. I would be getting an HTC Wildfire. Any opinions would be welcome. Thanks.
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likelucyru : GTA V no doubt about it
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seicalminee : What's the best android phone to buy? I will be getting it from Amazon or Ebay, depending on where I can get it cheaper.
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VurripsypeRip : My fav mobile xperia zr
13mp camera
underwater photography
2gb RAM
1.5ghz s4 quadcore processor
good battery life
vga front camera
323 pixel density
hope u like it
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engescues : samsung galaxy ace2 is good.
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Samrikdinpy : these are the best android phones within ur budget available at amazon!560800%2Cn%3A1340509031%2Cn%3A356496011%2Cp_n_feature_keywords_browse-bin%3A1396419031&rnid=389035011&tag=comipopri00-21&x=0&y=0
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alinkamalishka : I agreed with Joe too, Samsung galaxy ace 2 is awesome.
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songfeng301 : Hi Grace

Here are the best value smartphones right now from each manufacturer on ebay for your £200 budget. These are all brand-new & fully boxed. the boxes were only opened to change the chargers according to the countries they'd be delivered to.

Motorola Razr i:

Samsung Galaxy S2 White:

Samsung Galaxy S2 Black:

Sony Xperia P:


LG Prada 3.0:

HTC 8X (not android but thought you might like it, only 1 left!!):

Nokia 820 (just slightly over your budget but worth every penny)
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FrardAlulatag : When you sign into Verizion , you can see information about your account. My phone is on my parents plan, so when they sign in, they can see who i am texting, when i am texting them, and how much. Is there anyway to change that?
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