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Vomehouth : If an international money order is issued by a Chinese bank in China would a US postal office cash it immediately? If so what ID is required? Would driver license suffice? Thanks.

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phypewenteeko : No one will cash it immediately. Way too much chance of fraud.
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WhakBanocoamn : Hello everyone,
So i've recently gotten my first android phone (HTC Droid DNA) and am looking for an app similar to the do not disturb feature on apples ios. The specific thing that i am looking for is so that i can set it to automoatically turn on at a certain time of day and silence all sounds and then automatically turn off at a certain time of day. I am looking for this as i am currently in school and(i know im being lazy) but it becomes quite annoying to turn it on every morning and then turn it off after school..(thats like 360 toggles the entire school thanks)also having it do it automatically would prevent me from forgetting to do it..which has happened in the past :l

Any app suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Tibiadway : Okay. So My mother's phone is eligible for an upgrade and I won't get one for another year. My Galaxy S Stratosphere won't work at all. I need a new phone.

If we order the Galaxy S3 online with her upgrade, Do we have to activate it on her plan?

Once It gets here, I could just put my 4G LTE Sim card (Verizon) In it and it would work.

But would My mother's phone still work for her??? She has a basic phone but we are on a Share everything Plan so I don't think It would affect her data...

Help?? I need to know if my plan would work at all.
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clotofewoDoy : my sister had a kin phone and now we're wondering if I can use it we're worried that its too old and we cant use it for verizon anymore. also if I do get the phone can i ask them to just delete all the contacts,messages and emails?
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Gyncdyecy : you can get the phone cleansed as you asked
if it works, why spend the money for something newer - I'll bet Verizon will provision it in no time
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Allonapyboalm : I'm looking at buying a new smartphone by LG or Virgin mobile. My service provider is currently Simple Mobile. I wanted to know if I can use the same sim card and data plan from Simple Mobile if I buy any smartphone that is no-contract or contract-free.
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