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orgaphocuroto : I love fashion and have been 'dreaming' up a plan to set up my own fashion boutique. I know that some people, probably including myself, go in with our eyes closed and hope for just a jackpot load of cash. This isn't what I want, of course it would be good to have some money so I can make a living but the fashion is something that drives me the most.

Where would you recommend starting?
Thank you.

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Anaedbamn : 1 . Identity- you would need to name your clothing company and design your logo.
2. Niche - decide what you want to sell.
3. Marketing - you speak generally, the whole world is your market.
4. Business Plan - You need to write down everything right from scratch. It involve's both time and money budgets. You need to work out your business policies such as working hours, return rules, stocking, inventory, selling rules, and so on.
5. Your Boutique’s Location.
6. Suppliers you need to have a couple or so of good and reputed suppliers before you are even considered as existing in the business.
7. Your Boutique’s Fanfare you need to market and advertise your cloth shop even before it is launched.

We can also give expert help to make the big step of starting your business easier. Visit my source link.
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engigMeme : I'm going to get a new phone and I don't care about price but what is the best smartphone?
I've narrowed it down to HTC One and the Sa,sung Galaxy s2 I think but I'm unsure which is best?
Ps as a 15 year old my phone is NOT for business but more for social networking, videos and media mostly as well as gaming.
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coachoutletolkc : nokia 1160
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toribhibblerg : The iPhones are pretty popular, but the only good one is the 5... I would suggest a Samsung galaxy s3 or s4.
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XDedris : IPhone
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AgapeMo : Sony xperia z and if you don't care about price then donate some money to JARURATMAND.
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punov104 : Apple iPhone 5 or galaxys4. Both are considered to be the absolute best on the market n both r very different from each other.
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fryulgnlrlww : back up all info photos and videos so that i may factory reset my lg spectrum. back up all info photos and videos so that i may factory reset my lg spectrum
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unwrelemfu : My friend of 3 years just moved and had to change his phone number. His wireless carrier is Verizon. I have no other way of contacting him, he dosent have a facebook or anything else. I have his old number but i need his new one!!!
I litteraly have no way to contact him no email, no online profiles only thing i had was his phone number and now thats changed.
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