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Audinkunwindy : I am in the process of filing for bankrupt and was wondering if the trustees see a check cashed over 3500 dollars on my bank account while filing will they take it from me.

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browadonha : when you filed for b/k you had to list all your creditors and liabilities, and you also had to claim any sources of income you anticipated, if this was included in that list, yes, more than likely
but you really won't know until you discuss this with your lawyer
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Flugsoors : There is no way for us to tell.
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wattplailky : So today I got a new phone today the blackberry 9320 and I just got it today and when I try to send someone a bbm request their not getting it what shall I do?
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FriendLucy : You need to buy a Blackberry add on from your network to use BBM. This typically costs £5 per month, every month, but the price varies between networks. Ring your network from your mobile, or pop into a network store, and they will be able to advise you as to what it costs, and how to set it up.
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kCrackMan : Im having metro pcs Apps to sd problem?

I have a lg spirit 4G from metro pcs and you can't transfer apps to
sd. .it only has 4gb of internal memory and i have 3 aps and its
already says memory full and the question im asking if there is a
way or tricks to put my internal memory to my 32 gb memory
card cause if there isnt a way the sd card is prettt much useless ..if
any phone professionals can please help me id greatly appreciate
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whetribather : Here's my situation: I have a four year old android, and it's pretty much gone to hell. It doesn't get updates anymore, the screen is scratched up, and the bezel is so messed up all of the paint has chipped off and it's just metal. I have drivers ed from one to five the day of my upgrade and every other weekday, and with everything else I'm doing that day I won't have time to get a new phone until next weekend.Is there any way Verizon would let me upgrade now, only three days early?
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Hiepzinensake : If you pay for a termination fee, they will. They could care less about your problems.
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sedyowedync : My birthday is coming up on November 25th! i really want an iphone4 but how much will they be around that time? i know the price will go down because the iphone5 and iphone5c just came out! And also wich is cheaper virgin mobile, sprint, at&t, or verizon?
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