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fluomaecola : i really need to cash a check in and get the cash back immediatly not the next buisness day, i live in New York State, sefcu or first niagra open today?
thanks i'll try that

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QBjeff : I'm not sure either, but just go to the bank you go to and the banks have signs on the door if they aren't open on certain holidays. Not sure If it all banks, but the ones I go to do that including the post office in my town. So just try going there and seeing if they open. My guess is probably not just cuz with my bankz and post office they never opened on these kind of holidays.
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flekornarerne : All banks and federal buildings/offices are closed on federal holidays. Try the local supermarket or a check cashing business (they will charge a fee).
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teesmarne : In the US, this is NOT a business day for ANY bank. Some banks may have selected locations open, but all transactions will be treated as Tues, Sept 6th transactions. If your bank or the bank the check is drawn against has such locations, you MAY be able to cash the check there . Any other bank wouldn't cash the check even of a business day.

The bank where I work has locations inside grocery stores that are open for some Monday holidays, but not Labor Day.

Edit: Someone suggested going to the bank to check. I suggest finding a phone number and calling first. If no one answers, they are closed. The bank's website probably has branch phone numbers, and may even list any locations that are open.
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zgjytkofcj : I bought an iphone 4 from ebay the other day it said it was unlocked buti tried to put my tesco mobile sim into it and it said 'avtivation required' then it said to choose my wifi so i did then it said activating iphone i waited a few minutes it then said 'activation failed' - the sim card that you currently have installed in this iphone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. This is not a hatdware issue with the iphone. Please insert another sim card from a supported carrier or request that this iphone be unlocked by your carrier. Please contact apple for more infomation.' So i assume the phone has not been unlocked properly anyway i just want my iphone to be unlocked quick with out having to pay anything prefebly do it my self at home or on a website not to complicated as im only 15 i kniw my IEMI number for it. Just really want it to be unlocked if you do not know of any websites or ways yourself of unlocking it for free (by myself) then is there any cheap unlocking services in march,kings lynn or peterborough that i could go too to get it unlocked very cheap? The carrier of it is - EE 14.0 and model - MC604B/A THANKYOU for your help.
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AssultimurA : I have my new phone HTC one wanted to know anyone who got one who knows how to me maximise battery life thanks
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camarok : Sure, turn it off when you aren't using it.

I only have problems with battery life in areas where the phone has no or poor service. It is constantly searching for a provider and it drains the battery super quick. Turn on AIRPLANE mode. It turns the search off.
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Beskeragmasse : Hey there!

First of all, take out the blink feed, set another wallpaper the darker it is the better it saves your battery, as bright colors demand large aboumt of power.

Remove unwanted app which are running.

Adjust the brightness lower the better.

If that doesn't give you enough battery life then buy mophie juice for HTC one, my friend got one for 69 usd. As it will give you more than a day power.

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dsyez001 : Set screen brightness lowest
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esyez011 : Turn the screen brightness down as much as possible, turn wifi off when you aren't using it (Wifi is a battery eater) set sleep time out to a short time, and lastly check there aren't any apps running that wake the phone up regularly.
Lastly consider buying an external battery pack from somewhere like Maplin so you can recharge on the go
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