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paulleyplautt : I had a deposit on a house with two room mates the check came back recently after we moved out with all three of our names one it. We had issues about charges by the leasing company so I did not sign the check but one of them has now cashed it. My question is how did he cash it without my signature and also is there anything i can do to get my money back out of it legally. Or was what he did legal since his name was on the check also.

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kimmurphyo : no
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EpildKitillek : Legally, all three of you should have endorsed (signed) the check in order for it to be cashed, but some places are lax and sloppy in their work. The question now is how much is at stake and how badly do you need it? It is a civil (not criminal) matter which would take time and money to resolve.
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juniperex : Not only should all three signature have been on the check, most banks would require that all three peopel and their IDs be present to cash that check. You roommate pulled a fast one.

You can sue your roommate for your portion of the refund. Depending on how much that is, it may or may not be worth the time and effort to file a small claims suit against both roommates.
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pleplayning : If the check has 3 names on it it is customary for a bank to require all 3 signatures on it before cashing it. This is the general practice but I've seen it happen in rare occasions where this has been overlooked. Generally banks are pretty responsible about this so the most common way around it is for the person cashing it to initiate some kind of fraud to fool the bank into cashing it.
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Atrormmup : A check made payable to 'Smith' AND 'Jones' must be endorsed by both parties. A check made payable to 'Smith' OR 'Jones' can be cashed by either party without the endorsement of the other. While you did not specify, I suspect the check from the leasing company used the word AND. If that is the case, they most likely forged your endorsement. In any case, you have a legal claim to your share of the deposit. If it is actually worth your effort to take the issue to court is a separate matter.

Edit: MyHandsAreMadeOfPlastic FALSELY stated it it CUSTOMARY to require all three people to endorse the check. There is NO custom involved. This is an issue of 'Black Letter Law'. For those who do not recognize the term, black letter law means actual legislation, not court rulings or 'common law'.
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Illishgighemo : My IPhone 4s gets hot and it drains quickly whenever I play games, but it did not do this before. And don't answer with that double tap and clear the apps crap ok? I ALWAYS do that and it makes NO DIFFERENCE. The thing is my phone did not get hot and drain before in the first couple months when I first got it. I am not sure if it is the iCloud contacts continuously syncing or one of my apps is draining it. The battery drains about 3 percent every couple minutes when I do something (Playing games, instagram, twitter, facebook, texting, surfing the web, etc). I need help on what is causing my IPhone to get hot and drain real fast. I've been using the phone since March, when I first got it, if it helps, and it started during June or so. Thanks for advice.
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1mannequind : should i get the HTC One now?or wait and get the htc one max?
what would the Difference be,and what is the difference between LTE and A-lte? and can A-lte COME TO the htc one? and the processor snapdragon 800 does it make a difference ? and the GPU 320 vs 330 WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE ? ill'pick best answer + 5 star
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jordan418 : Get htc one
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phesmahjump : You should get the iPhone 5s they will say next month but if you want I think you should wait for the HTC one max
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