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sursinkivarah : I dont have a credit card, i'm going to borrow my friends card so i could check out my cart online,. Then ill pay her in cash. Is that fine with apple?

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choolfrok : Since you don't have a checking account, I am going to guess you are under 18
If you are under 18, chances are your friend is also undere 18
That means the credit card is not really his.
It belongs to his parents.
Legally, his parents have to give you permission.

If you are over 18, and don't have a checking account, then you have other problems
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csyez028 : Yes, as long as that person told you that you could then it's legal, apple does not care who's money it is as long as they get it.
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Attaiftnire : I was wondering if I turn my iPhone 5 on airplane mode for 2 weeks, will I be charged anything? And if I turn on WiFi during that time will I be charged for Internet?

Thanks a lot
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ClalavyVagDug : My htc one battery,after the update to android 4.2.2, it didn't last long due to the usage of android system 80%
Any Solution ??

PS: Since the update 24 hours passed only
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upncfwgc : Every time I open it, it force closes before I can eve get to the main menu. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, allowing the app to run under my facebook settings, logging out of facebook, using the task manager to stop it and all other running apps..
I don't know what to do and I'm getting really frustrated!
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GemNernpype : They may need to update the app. Best thing to do is to contact customer support for them.
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plumImmorefup : im buy a phone for my gf an she like slider phone (smart slider phones) an i just want to know which one is best or if u know any ones that is better than these an if you dey cant be longer than these phones i will appreciate if u help me
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