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Diartylarly : I am collecting rent checks this semester for my rental-house, and as there isn't a branch of my actual bank in the area I'm trying to figure out a way to complete this without having to drive some distance to get to a branch, or to mail the checks home. Anyone know?

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Megeshoug : it seems the easiest thing to do would be to either open another account at a bank where you are or have your tenants send you usps money orders for their payments( that is as long as there will still be any usps offices open).
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irriddick : And by how much?
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mjohne : Yes the price is most likely to drop. The Iphone 5S is coming within a few months and with it all of the current iphones should drop in price. Honestly the amount of money to expect it to drop is completely a guess. I would expect it to drop around 50$ because the Iphone 4 isn't very expensive to begin with. Only time will tell.
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lucestar : As soon as the iPhone 5S gets released, Apple will stop selling the iPhone 4 and 4S so that they can sell their newest iPhone 5S (the short budget one). If I were you I would wait for the budget one as it will be cheap and from what I've seen share the same internals as the iPhone 5 for a lower price. It is all up to you!
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LuputtefKex : My phone htc blac100 5vdc is not charging anymore. The the battery was empty and when i recharged it, the orange light did not appear and when i turn it on, i only see a black screen and after a few minutes it vibrates..what should i do?HELP ME PLEASE!:[
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Illishgighemo : Maybe it's your charger that doesn't work or you probably need to buy a new battery.
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LYxaasysyas : I want to set up the gallery and music library on my phone with a password. How can I do that? I tried going to settings once I'm in the gallery but there's no option anywhere on my phone. Is there an app I can download to do this?
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Reommodeswaks : okay so im a heavy texter and i want a phone thats an average sized phone (so i dont get embarrassed using it in public) anyways i own a Motorola Citrus and i use it for browsing and i need a phone thats fast and smooth. Is this the phone to get or should i consider getting another phone? My parents gave me $150 bucks. I'm 14 btw
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