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alkaclemype : I have a Huntington Bank account and wanted to know if I go into a Huntington location, could cash my check without putting any money into my bank account?

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messkaddy : You will have to maintain a minimum balance. If minimum balance is available in the account, you can draw full amount of the check.
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totJintyBoxia : If you have more in the account than the amount of the check, you can get the full amount immediately. If not, they will probably only give you a portion and the rest in a couple days when the check clears.
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Uploalemasp : I had my phone out in the rain and now the audio /sound bar has gone.. When I press the + and - signs nothing appears on the screen and music and YouTube etc is silent, the volume bar has completely gone .. ringtones still work but nothing else .. is there any way to fix this or would I have to get a new phone?
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Norbdopocyrenx : Turn it off and put it in dry rice, good luck.
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JHhee : Take it into the store dude, better get it checked out.
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coachoutletolkc : I think the problem it is not with my charger because last few days i was still able to use it. Why do you think so that it's with the battery?

-i do not know how to reply here that is why i just repost it.
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igoroldtemkin : My Aunt just got a new phone yesterday, the LG Optimus 9 from T-Mobil and she wants to download free music onto her phone, I was wondering if any of you know a way to do that. The guy at the T-Mobil store said he would show her an app where she could get all her music for free but we ran out of time and he couldn't. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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VElorna : move my ringtones to an sd card from my samsung intensity ii cell phone. move my ringtones to an sd card from my samsung intensity ii cell phone
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