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dwebradauri : I might not have a pen next time to chekc, u know those special will i know? also, is it supposeto become black with the marker if its fake???

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NathanaelXM : If you are concerned, take the bills to a bank for exchange (most security marker's ink changes to black for counterfeit bills, but the markers do not detect all types of counterfeits).
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AnthonyCH : Yes when you pass the pen over a money and it you see color of the pen on it ,it means it's fake. You can go to a bank and ask them to check your dollar bills if they are real or fake. If they are fake maybe you would call the police and tell you were scammed .
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Abnolermed : you look up into the light and you can see through it and it has that special picture (symbol, whatever it is)

also, if you get a bill with that special pen/marker that means it's real

that's what I've been told how it's real anywayz
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Koposogie : with the pen the mark is supposed to turn black, grey, or a really dark brown if it is fake. if it's real the mark should turn yellow or fade away after you mark it. another way to tell if a bill is real or fake is if you hold the bill up to the light there should be a faint mark of the same president that is on the center of the bill in the right hand corner that should be there for any bill amount.
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Liaffobilfeli : Don't rely on those markers! They only check the paper - and someone can take a genuine $1 bill, bleach off all the ink, then reprint it as a $100 bill - the marker would tell you it's real!

Learn the security features of genuine bills using the links below. Those will tell you if the bill is genuine. To protect yourself against reprinted bills, verify the security thread is in the right location and that the watermark is correct for the denomination.
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GGYGYG : The pens were not reliable BEFORE people started bleaching $5 bills and reprinting them as $100 bills. They are totally worthless now. The ONLY semi-reliable way to detect counterfeit currency is to handle a lot of REAL currency. Even treasury agents first identify a counterfeit as 'different' and then go back and look for something to point to as the problem.
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Tourcenpeno : My iPhone 4 is cracked on both sides, and the lock button is broken. I was looking online and I saw that Walmart had iPhone 5 for $140. I'm not old enough to get a job, so how can I make $150 quick?
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Gedoarouddy : Beg for money next to the freeway.
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SpitlYslowito : Buy stuff cheap on e bay and sell it for a higher price
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