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Plattegat :

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xgevcrfz : You earn commission, but you have to deliver and collect HUNDREDS of catalogues. You might find that you don't really want the hassle after a while. It's probably more reliable getting yourself a part time job if you're lucky enough to find one.
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Molemejfvn : I am from England and I have an English mobile.
I met a German friend in a club yesterday and I wrote down his number.
The number I copied directly from his iPhone started like this: +49 151 and then 8 more digits after that.

I am texting this number but I don't get a reply, why is this?
How many digits should a German mobile number have?
So this is the number I have written:

> + 4 4 9 9 (0) 151 and then 8 more digits.

Would this be correct? I'm currently in Hameln and I'm connected to
everytime I call the number it just says "Hallo, hier ist der Nummer von 0 0 4 9 ..........."
IT ISNT WORKING I am typing + 0 0 4 9 1 5 1 ........... (the next 8 digits ) and it doesnt recognise it

I type:

+ 0 0 4 9 1 5 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Do I need the plus? Do I need the 0 0 ? Is there any other way i can track him
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DoftTeetterie : You HAVE to use the plus, if you didn't. Also, if you download Whats App, it'll be easier to keep in touch! It pulls people off from your contact list automatically. You can talk to anyone in the world, free of charge.
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Chidaimampham : You have missed the zero before the 151. In Germany i would'nt need to use the zero however calling from an English network then you will need to use it so dial 0049..0151 then the number.
Im British currently living in Germany. So i hope that that has helped you. 0044 is the int code for the U.k.
0049 is the int code for Germany hence 0049 is what you should be using not 004499 As for the number of digits in Germany that are used it depends entirely on the supplier of the net you are registered with, my wife has e plus with only 6 digits, my number is Vodaphone has 8 digits. try 0049 then 0151 and the rest of the number. You should i think then get through...... Good luck
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WhakBanocoamn : Hello everyone,
So i've recently gotten my first android phone (HTC Droid DNA) and am looking for an app similar to the do not disturb feature on apples ios. The specific thing that i am looking for is so that i can set it to automoatically turn on at a certain time of day and silence all sounds and then automatically turn off at a certain time of day. I am looking for this as i am currently in school and(i know im being lazy) but it becomes quite annoying to turn it on every morning and then turn it off after school..(thats like 360 toggles the entire school thanks)also having it do it automatically would prevent me from forgetting to do it..which has happened in the past :l

Any app suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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tieday0826 : How do you block a certain number on a Metro PCS LG Optimus M+? There is this guy that won't stop messaging me and I want him to stop.
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FLestesWP : I have an Lg lucid with verizon wireless, its old and now i want a new phone
i want an iphone , the new iphone 5c to be exact
with an upgrade can you have an android and upgrade it with an iphone
or do you have to purchase the iphone with a two year contract ?
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