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uvnlfcbi :

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BusDrersUneni : I just bought my iPhone (less than 30 days ago) from a Verizon Store for the discounted price when bought with a contract for two-years. My phone was only in the water for probably less than a minute but it suffered from a lot of water damage. I left in a bag of rice over night and now the home button won't work and then screen has so much water in it. The cosmetic look is just fine, but I am wondering if there is anything I can do to replace it. I know about Apple Care but I don't now if I have the coverage. Also, I don't have a Verizon Warranty. Please help. I am completely destroyed. My old phone wasn't a smart phone and if I go back, I'll be paying for a data plan that I am not even using. I do understand that it was completely irresponsible, but I need to replace the phone completely with the existing model (iPhone 5 16GB Black). Thank you and any answers or responses to my situation would make me feel loads better.
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FalaGaildedayi : If you can get rid of all signs of water in the phone take it in and ask for a replacement I wouldn't just to ask. If you wanted a better model then it will probably cost you.
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Loasiarog : The most viable option now would be to bring your phone down to Apple for repair and maintenance. That seems to be the only option unless you purchase another iPhone, or, like you said, have to revert to your old phone again.

So once again, best bring your phone down to Apple, and request them to repair your phone. At the same time, you can check if you have the coverage.
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engigMeme : I'm going to get a new phone and I don't care about price but what is the best smartphone?
I've narrowed it down to HTC One and the Sa,sung Galaxy s2 I think but I'm unsure which is best?
Ps as a 15 year old my phone is NOT for business but more for social networking, videos and media mostly as well as gaming.
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coachoutletolkc : nokia 1160
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toribhibblerg : The iPhones are pretty popular, but the only good one is the 5... I would suggest a Samsung galaxy s3 or s4.
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XDedris : IPhone
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AgapeMo : Sony xperia z and if you don't care about price then donate some money to JARURATMAND.
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punov104 : Apple iPhone 5 or galaxys4. Both are considered to be the absolute best on the market n both r very different from each other.
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