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Skomenelrd : I have been checking daily and it says searching for work.

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BUYINGEFFEXOR : Having looked throughout the entire manual I cannot find how to withhold my number when I make calls to businesses that I do not wish to receive return calls from. Can anyone help provide me with the required information?
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Jamesgos : I'm not sure if there's a built in option on your specific phone, but what you can do is dial 141 before the person you're calling to withhold your own number. Eg you could call the number 12345 but if you didn't want them to know your number just dial 141 12345 instead

Hope that was helpful!
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Tereshechko : I bought a iPhone 3GS, when I received it, it happened to be jail broken. I was unaware how it all worked and I plugged it in to my computer/iTunes and updated the software. Now when I put my SIM card in the phone it says 'could not activate iPhone', if anyone could help I'd be very appreciated
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grearoriure : iPhones been bricked, my only suggestion is to plug it into itunes and click 'restore iphone'. If that still doesn't work, it's highly unlikely it'll ever work.
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Exerierok : your have to do a itunes restoral.... call your carrier to update your feature code and apn settings.... then activate it
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Frietteve : I got a brand new white iPhone 5 almost 2 weeks ago and I really would like the black one since I didn't get to choose at the time. Does AT&T allow you to do any switch?
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cheernacatova : You'd have to exchange it, but they have a small exchange period so please do it soon!
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Pitiarliawn : I have a black iPhone 4. I would like to upgrade to a white iPhone 5. how much would that cost? could i go into the store and ask for the upgrade and just pay the difference? How would that work? Also, would i have to buy a plan? I already have a plan with rogers. would it just be easier to sell my old iPhone and use the money towards a new one?
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