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Jomupkwenq : Hello everyone, Today I received a check from the State of California USA, the problem is how i can cash this check, I am in china now.
The check is under the name of my customer's company. it seems there is no place to cash this check in china, I have asked Standard Chartered, but they cant cash it.
Pls give me some advice. many thanks!!!

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Affestytrit : At Kim Tons Liquor store?.
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7forexb : I wanted to unlock a Samsung Galaxy Nexus that I got from Verizon in order to sell it on Amazon. How would I go about doing that?
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novaexate : It still has service can they find me? Can ijust restore it so its like new?
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OsteoRd2004 : You have to take out the SIM card and turn off icloud on it....
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Artfooter : no they cant find you............ but if the owner has tracking ON... then you are screwed, especially if the police are involved....

besides, this is a CDMA verizon iphone... once owner report it lost/stolen, the ESN will be frozen, turning it into a very expensive ipod touch, non flashable to any carrier on EARTH.....

BAD ESNs suck.... you'll learn
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jasonapinaq : an iphone 4 cost in t-mobile. an iphone 4 cost in t-mobile
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abassykax : Probably $450 for it. T-Mobile doesn't do 2 year contracts, I think they just charge the full retail price for the phone and make you pay it off monthly.
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GradGuirer : $432
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toribhibbleri : I just rooted my phone, a Kyocera Rise, and now i cant seem to install any apps. No matter what app i go to, it downloads it, but just stays at 100% and doesn't continue to install it. And on a side note, can i turn my phone off and turn it back on without issues? i heard that rooting was like jailbreaking an ipod, and when you do that in the tethered method, you have to use the computer to turn it back on.
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