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Savannah_Hawaii : Hello everyone, Today I received a check from the State of California USA, the problem is how i can cash this check, I am in china now.
The check is under the name of my customer's company. it seems there is no place to cash this check in china, I have asked Standard Chartered, but they cant cash it.
Pls give me some advice. many thanks!!!

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HogapalaMaipt : There is no way. Contact your bank by e-mail and tell them about the check and ask them what to do
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chuyun4841 : You cannot
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camarok : I have a Samsung fusion 2, last night it stoped receiveing text messages I can send them but don't get back I can get and receive phone calls and internet work fine does any one know what might be wrong with my phone?
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Paisymomtoori : Is there an android battery saver app that keeps wifi/data off all the time except for when you open certain apps? I have some apps that have no reason to use wifi/data.

(And I have nothing against iPhones or other smartphones so don't start arguing about which is better.)
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othepledode : Can I buy a pay as you go sim card from a store and just pop it into my iphone? If not, what are my options?
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Graiccaky : Ok so I'm saving for an iPhone 5 I was wondering how much I would get if I sold a new iphone 4 and an ipad 2 (lock screen button broken) and the wifis broken. My phones in a life proof case and i haven't taken it out since I put it in
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