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EleneLymncype : hypothetically if i worked for myself at home and got a check, and i cashed it somewhere and didnt put the money in my bank account, is there still a paper trail that the government can audit and figure out that i didnt put down that i made for example 100$ ?

does keeping money in the bank even matter when it comes to auditing?

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grearoriure : The check is the paper trail, regardless of where you put the money. Evaluating banking activity is often part of the audit process.
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Cewprepag : Yes there is a paper trail...and now since you have asked this question here maybe a bit more of a paper trail.

The IRS isn't stupid...they can look at what you own and make you prove how you bought it. Yes, guess what tax law is a different animal than regular have to prove you didn't do it instead of them proving you did do it!

I have clients that prefer to get a check instead of telling the IRS their account number...guess what I tell them...a few punches of the buttons and they have your entire banking history.
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unpalingzz : It does not matter you received the amount from the payer client customer for your services you cashed it spent or what ever you chose to do with it and that is really a trail for the amount of $$$ that you used for what ever purpose or reason.
Very good daily detailed receipt books and written records of all ordinary and necessary expenses of your business operation will be what you will have to have available to you IF and WHEN the time does come and you are required to prove your business operation for this purpose of an audit.
Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 08/31/2011
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covaGrooppy : Galaxy s4
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reteAmeli : I just love Samsung..
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pleplayning : apple 5. samsung galexy s4 is to big and looks like a tablet and plus it looks like a toy.
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Enenierse : the difference is preferance. personally, i maintain the opinion that iphone is for people who are ignorant and probably dont need a smartphone in the first place. i personally have a galaxy s4, i like how i can customize it to suit my needs, and im not held down by being completely tied to apple strictly.

when it comes down to it, go into any verizon, sprint, at&t, whatever cell provider store and take notice of what the employees are using.

OEM parts for apple products are nearly impossible to find because you have to get them straight from apple, so they can charge more. a new digitizer (screen glass) for my S4 would cost me less than $10 to fix myself.
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Exerierok : My oldest sister has a iPhone 5 with unlimited texting and limited data and calling. My younger sister and I are both going to get iPhones with unlimited texting, limited calling and we all want to share data.. What would be the best plan to get and how much would it be per phone?
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