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Gapycrydaydaf : A car, cash price $ 2000 is available on the
following terms:
A deposit of $ 400 followed by equal payments at the end
of each month for the next 18 months.
If interest is 6% pa compounded monthly for the first 6
months and 12% pa compounded monthly thereafter,
determine the size of the regular monthly payments.

I need to solve this using a formula.What I have done so far is this:

2000=400+Ra(6 , 0.5) + Ra(12 , 1)

1600=R (a(6,0.5)+(a(12,1))

I then followed this through and got the solution, but it seems completely wrong. I have re done it many times and get the same answer, but I am sure I am wrong. Could someone please go through this step by step?

10 points immediately given to best answer!

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annemmartinp : i was looking at a phone that i wanted because i wasn't able to find anything else that i liked and there was a message that said: "The device you've selected is not available in your area." I live in San Diego and i wanted to purchase the phone: Samsung Captivate Glide. I did find it on the At&t website but it gave me that message and i don't like any of the other options since i was searching for a full slide out keyboard. I'm not sure if there's any way to purchase this phone from at&t for free with the 2 year plan since i'm in San Diego. I know that i could buy it off other websites but i don't want to spend almost 200$ out of pocket. Does anyone know how i could get this phone from at&t from the area that i'm in? Thanks! :)
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Miztiessy : I've been wanting to jailbreak my iPhone 4S with iOS 6.1.3 but I haven't had any luck. I want it to be free and I want to be able to do it without a computer. I just want to do it straight through my phone. If anyone could give me a step by step on how to that would make me more than happy! Thank you to anyone that can help!!!(:
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Dornorenterne : it only goes to wifi setting and choose english andcountry.
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Loasiarog : You have to go past all of those menus.
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Uloyalyday : thai language massage ringtone example like "you have a massage"*in thai... thai language massage ringtone example like "you have a massage"*in thai..
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