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Nicole1974 : for business studies we have an assignment where we have to write up a business plan for a customer who wants to open a florist in a small village of about 1500 people, its situated between the coast and a main city, and for one part of it i have to forecast total revenue, total cost, break-even analysis and cash flow projections. I'm having a lot of difficulty in business studies and don't actually know what any of this forecasting means, how do i predict the total revenue? when i have no idea about price or quantity?

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Skigulp : there is an opportunity to use technology to make it simple for male executives to easily purchase custom flower arrangements, with delivery on days they determine in advance, for their loved ones. The company plans to approach its goal short term by targeting affluent executive businessmen in Midtown and Downtown Atlanta for a very upscale, Frequent Flower Gift Program and, long term, to debut the city's first floral art gallery in a neighborhood that is building its name as the next major arts community in Atlanta. Red White & Bloom will differ from traditional florists by cultivating personal relationships through the use of technology and marketing, offering a gift program that makes purchasing flowers easy (and forgetting special dates a thing of the past), and delivering exceptional customer service. Ideally the company plans to open its gallery in March in Castleberry Hill, one of Atlanta's historic loft neighborhoods that is less than one mile from Downtown Atlanta.
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xbfreeslotsio : My father gave me the Samsung Galaxy S4 last month. I love it! Bad news is I dropped it this morning and the screen cracked. Everything works fine. I can still touch and text and talk it just looks horrible and sometimes is hard to read. It isn't rigid or anything its still smooth when i touch it so I am guessing that it is something underneath that cracked? So my questions are 2. 1) where would I even go to get this fixed? I have no idea!!! Since I didn't buy it and my dad bought it in another state and it has no insurance I am not sure where to even start. 2) How much am I looking at needing for the cost?

Thanks in advance!
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srfecti644 : Samsung phones are fairly expensive to repair. You can buy a screen off eBay or amazon for a lot cheaper than a repair shop would charge you and if you have someone who is good at DIY you could ask them to do it for you. There's plenty of videos on YouTube explaining how to do it. I would also suggest investing in a good sturdy case :)
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Fotaanits : i'm looking to buy my first phone i'm 16 and getting a job so just as future preference what phone should i get and from what company i'm kinda leaning toward an iphone for the phone but from what company should i buy the phone from and what company has good single plans and for a reasonable price
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bydghwjgcgne : My iphone 4s 7.0 wifi and bluetooth button is greyed out therefor cannot use either. I was wondering if I could tether my laptops wifi connection to my iphone via usb some how if that's possible?
Or is there anyway else I can get wifi?
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wiesaddlibe : For the last few weeks my mobile phone signal has been ferrite inside my house, but if I stick my phone out of the window I can receive my texts and calls. I don't know why this is and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to be able to solve this problem. it's happened a couple of times before, at the first time it was maintenance and that was a year ago, and that's that it was a couple of months ago, but each of those only lasted a week in total, this has been going on for a number of weeks and I was hoping that someone on here would be able to help me :) Thanks in advance :)
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toribhibblerg : Search for cellphone boosters on the internet. There are a number of brands including Wilson that can help. They basically consist of a small outdoor antenna you can mount to the eaves of your house, cable to run from the antenna to an inside receiving station and one or more inside signal boosters that mount in different areas in your house above or in the ceiling. They can get expensive and depending on how handy you are at running wire and installing things, you might want someone to install it for you, but they do work.
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