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lignpgpn : I'm looking into starting a small photography business (hobby actually, just a couple jobs every now and then) , but before I start, I want to know how to tax it/ what form you would need. I already know that I would have to keep a copy of receipts for each job, and keep track of my expenses. I'm used to being employed under a business to where they mail me my W2 every year, but I prefer to be home with my daughter more, so while my husband works I am selling Avon and wanted to do photos to earn some extra cash now and then (I already have people requesting me to do their senior portraits and engagement photos) do I need to file for a tax license before? And what forms do I need?

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eleloNigAxion : Cherry, the licensing will depend on your state, county and local/city.

Everywhere has different laws, rules and regulations.

You may need sales tax licensing, business licensing, business name licensing, etc. It really depends on where you live.

If you are only going to be doing a hobby, I wouldn't worry about the licenses before - get them later unless there is a specific law concerning photo shops in your area.

Sounds to me like as long you as you pay all your taxes and it is truly a small, hobby type thing, you have nothing to worry about.

Good luck
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UnfofPymnjany : So im about to get a new phone so I decided to transfer my photos from my phone to my computer via a micro sd that has a slot for the sd card I use in my phone. I have photos from my OLD old phone on the sd card, every photo that has been taken using my current phone is saved to the phone. After transfering the photos from my sd card to my computer, I formatted my sd card. Somehow this erased ALL the photos saved to my phone. I know they were NOT on the sd card because I was searching through them as the sd card was OUT of my phone.
And to make it more crazy, I put the sd card back INTO my phone and all the photos that were on my sd card are still there. only the photos that were saved to my phone are gone.
Can anyone help me figure out how that happened and how I can fix it??
To explain my process, I went to settings, sd card and phone storage, format sd card.
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shumbamma : My father gave me the Samsung Galaxy S4 last month. I love it! Bad news is I dropped it this morning and the screen cracked. Everything works fine. I can still touch and text and talk it just looks horrible and sometimes is hard to read. It isn't rigid or anything its still smooth when i touch it so I am guessing that it is something underneath that cracked? So my questions are 2. 1) where would I even go to get this fixed? I have no idea!!! Since I didn't buy it and my dad bought it in another state and it has no insurance I am not sure where to even start. 2) How much am I looking at needing for the cost?

Thanks in advance!
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arcadiorm : Ok so out of no where, my Iphone 4 wouldnt record any sound (ONLY ON MY APPS THOUGH). I have apps like snapchat, vine, instagram that record video, but my iphone doesn't pick up the sound on any of them. It only picks up sound when I record on the camera, voice memos, and my voice on phone calls. Its really strange and I have tried looking up ways to fix it but i haven't tried them because the other problems people have are slightly different. I haven't found anyone who's had the same problem as me so if anyone knows please help! Btw my iphone is USED so it could be the last person screwed with it or its just a common problem that can be fixed... I really dont know, so HELP IF YOU KNOW!! thank you:)
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vkusernamee88 : Did u try reseting your phone. If that doesn't work, try redownloading the apps. If that doesn't work, restore the phone.
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Anyngeano : The iPhone 4 was known for mic problems
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Asselttox : I am looking for a phone that allows you to zoom the screenshot you have in front of you at any point in time. I am aware of the zoom features phones have in the camera applications, as well as being able to zoom a picture or screen shot that has already been taken. then there are phones with adjustable font sizes; none of this is what i am looking for. i am looking for a phone with a feature that allows you to zoom the entire screen at any given time simply by sliding two or three fingers in opposite directions (without having to take a screen shot). it is quite possible such a phone does not exist, however if anyone knows of one please comment!
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Edillcelf : Hello Molly,

Nokia Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8 (not Windows Phone 7) allow you to do this. Go to Settings > ease of access and turn on 'Screen magnifier.'

To magnify, double-tap with two fingers. To move around, use two fingers. To change the magnification level, use two fingers to double tap and hold, then pan up or down.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is available for $150 off-contract on Rogers, Telus and Koodo.
The Nokia Lumia 620 is available on Telus for $250 off-contract.
The Nokia Lumia 920 is available on Rogers from $49.99 on a new two year contract.

Hope this helps!
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