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IgnoneHob : We live overseas at the moment and are planning on moving back to the states. We will have cash equity that will enable us to purchase a a home without a mortgage. We will be moving to Miami were the price of real estate has dropped , We are not sure if it has bottom out yet or not.

Would it be smart to take a mortgage or to do a cash purchase. The thought of not having to make monthly payments is very appealing to us. But is it the smart move. We are in our late 40;s .
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tegeauthome : I am really into music, I own an iPod, so I usually listen to all my music in car rides, so in order to save battery I listen in lock mode. Can I do the same with a Samsung Galaxy X.
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qifeng3787 : Yes and you can control the music by speaking into the mic too.
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cooffcoasoli : I got the Samsung Galaxy S4 almost 2 months ago. I've had major problems with it since.
I went to the Verizon store within 30 days expressing how unhappy I was with all the glitches and asked for a replacement phone. They insisted on fixing what I already had by doing an update and hard reset. Seemed better for about a week, then same problems came back but worse. I can't use the camera at all, lots of glitches, lots of app boot failures, and all the fancy features they marketed it after don't work well.
I'd like to go back to iPhone and get the iPhone 5. I just renewed my contract with Verizon when I got the Samsung.

What is the best, least expensive way to do this?
Should I try to exchange it at the Verizon Store? I get the feeling they will not let me since it's over 30 days.
Thanks in advance for the helpful answers. :)
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Quawsibia : I was wondering should i keep my iPhone 4 or get the galaxy S3? My friends are mixed up and half say i should keep my iPhone 4 and half say i should get the galaxy S3. But the downside is Apple is releasing IOS 7 So i don't know if i should keep my iPhone 4 or get the galaxy S3.. I would really love to know like the differences in the camera quality and all that so please help me out! BTW I have Verizon.
I do have a upgrade so i do get a discounted price.
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hiegululnenny : galaxt s 3
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Errollofe : Everything is better about the S3,the bad things about it is it only has 1gb of RAM (more than the iPhone 4, but still not as much as the average android.), you have to pay for it, and the camera isn't as good, but still good.
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Alislibly : Well I say save up and get the S4.
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victoriajannyQ : I have the 8GB IPhone and I literally have no room yet I don't have much on it.. I recommend getting S3 or S4!!
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Louisepolia1999 : Ask no further, get S3.

In term of the device performance and hardware, S3 would be better. refer to gsmarena to compare. In addition, Samsung S3 is an android device, it means it is more flexible comparing to apple product.

If this question was asked 2 years ago, maybe there are some consideration to get an iPhone due to the app store. However, android market is growing more rapidly comparing to apple app store.

Most popular and used applications are available in android market.
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