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yangxh63o : We live overseas at the moment and are planning on moving back to the states. We will have cash equity that will enable us to purchase a a home without a mortgage. We will be moving to Miami were the price of real estate has dropped , We are not sure if it has bottom out yet or not.

Would it be smart to take a mortgage or to do a cash purchase. The thought of not having to make monthly payments is very appealing to us. But is it the smart move. We are in our late 40;s .
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Prongedge : Interest rates are so reasonable right now, to me it makes the most sense to have a mortgage.
You can get a 15y fixed for around 4%
With money that "inexpensive" for me it would be worth it to take the mortgage and keep the cash, just in the event you need it.

I know Miami has last 50% in the last few years. I don't know if it will continue to decline, but it's not expected to increase in the near future. But you are buying a property to live in and don't need to worry about how the mortgage will be paid, so it doesn't really matter if you end up a little underwater.
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7HealthInsurancer : how much cash? how much house? how much cash left over as an emergency fund? how stable is your income? what are your beliefs about debt?

the bottoming out of the housing market has nothing to do with the decision unless you are talking minimal down and walking away if housing prices drop too much {which is unethical, and people should know that and go into a real estate transaction with their eyes wide open, unlike a few years ago when everyone threw caution to the wind.}

A 15 yr mtg at today's super low rates would not hurt, and you could pay it off early if you wanted to ( i e like you are set for life at age 55 thanks to good investing of the funds you did not put down on the house,,,,)

^^^ that is in part how you decide.
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jepActitInjen : Im looking for facebook emojis but for statuses msg etc.ect any Free good ones im on a samsung galaxy 3
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jeneIncizeped : facebook doesnt allow iphone emojis on their code and servers... this is why they have there own.

as for android and emoji, now that emoji is strictly native to only the iphone.... but, we have a hack for that, as always /store/apps/details?id=com.klncity1.emojikeyboard

and /store/apps/details?id=com.klncity1.emojifontupdater

root your phone.... download both of these apps by KLNCITY1.... now your android has emoji, can post emoji anywhere on the phone, on any app, on any site (minus facebook), and see and view emoji from other users

now, note that this is a hack and not real emoji.... when emoji is updated on iphone, you may not see 100% of all emojis, especially the new ones they make. Give KLNCITY 2-3 weeks to re hack it and update the app on playstore.
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BUYINGEFFEXOR : Having looked throughout the entire manual I cannot find how to withhold my number when I make calls to businesses that I do not wish to receive return calls from. Can anyone help provide me with the required information?
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Jamesgos : I'm not sure if there's a built in option on your specific phone, but what you can do is dial 141 before the person you're calling to withhold your own number. Eg you could call the number 12345 but if you didn't want them to know your number just dial 141 12345 instead

Hope that was helpful!
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yangxh63o : My dad does... I used to use his phone all the time then I caught him doing it and didn't touch it until it broke and he got an iPhone 4 today. I never use my phone in the toilet.
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ananquefe : I do.
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jasmine573 : I must admit it :/
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