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AZAdrion : I live with my dad. Very horrible. I do all the cleaning, laundry, taking care of my 1 year old, cooking and trying to find a job and make some sort of income. Living with my dad is horrible. He complains I do not do anything if I don;t clean something even if I cleaned everything else. I can not consantly clean and take care and teach my son things.
I have been trying for a year to save money to make things to sell for infants. I put in application after application for a job, get a interview 1 out of every 20 or so {about1 every 6 month}. Tried ebay, Screwed up that by not selling enough to pay fees. I have no income what so ever. We do not get unemployment as my BF didn't get enough hours at his work before they layed him off due to slow business. I NEED to start something, Ican not mentally physically handle being able to completely alone take care of my dad, his dog, 4 cats, myself, my son and boyfriend without me 'messing something up' {as dad says} and getting yelled at. He gets drunk and then it gets worse {calls me horrible things and makes me feel worthless}. I have been trying to get on hud {Really do not want to but need to for the sake of my family}. Even if I can get my appliaction in asap I still have to wait 2 years on the waiting list. I really just would like to know if there is any way possible to make at least $200 or less to start purchasing fabrics ect to start making the items to sell to help out and try to get onto our own 2 feet. I know it will take a long time but I am willing to risk the remarks from my dad for a while longer if this can pull through for me and make some money in the end. I know I cna do it but the start up! PLEAse help. I know making a huge cash flow will not happen over night or even ever. BUT I know I can get SOMETHING from it and anything will help at this point to possibly get us out =of this house and with a friend or something. Please do not be rude, I really am just about to break down and need help. This is one of my last resorts. Thank you for any help/info at all.

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hervebwb : That's why gettinng a good education is very important. Not a good resume, people won't hire you. Simple. Being bi-lingual can help you to get a job too. I just suggest you try moving out into your boyfriends place or anywhere possible.
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Louisepolia1999 : my samsung galaxy s3 i9300 says modified but will still update whats going on. my samsung galaxy s3 i9300 says modified but will still update whats going on
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ScefeBloock : depends on how you moded it....

in most modded case.......... no, it wont update.... update will download, but fail to install. Android OS updates are tied to the stock ROM code.... if any part, just 1 freaking character in the code in the stock ROM is modded, then update will fail... you need to be on stock ROM, unrooted prefered!
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7forexb : I wanted to unlock a Samsung Galaxy Nexus that I got from Verizon in order to sell it on Amazon. How would I go about doing that?
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AZAdrion : My dad said that he'll hook my iphone 3gs up to the ipad so he can see everything im doing at all times i have at&t. I dont want him to see all my stuff. How do you do this and how do you reset so he cant see my stuff? Is this even possible
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Urgersspoolve : I don't know how he plans on doing this unless he means that you both will have the same iTunes account so he'll be able to see your Apps/iMessages....
turn iMessage off
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Pesepiopabs : my virgin mobile phone has a bad charger port in it. will virgin mobile fix it. my virgin mobile phone has a bad charger port in it. will virgin mobile fix it
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