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celtics22 : i need a visa card that is available for international usage ASAP. meaning, i need to walk into a store tomorrow, give them cash, and get a visa card that will be available for use in the UK. i am from the US by the way..

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UnillaUrids : Check out, I'm sure these can be used overseas but not sure how they do the currency conversion. Also American express has an American express travelers check card that can be purchased at your bank
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drorrutoutt : So its time for me to get a new phone. Which one in your opinion do you like better Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4?
(: thank you
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bystryzbyssus : S4 its bigger faster but iPhone has a better security
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mejdawdkrg : Galaxy S4 is better overall. Customizable, better camera, bigger screen, and many fun features etc...
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Miztiessy : It depends if your an apple person get the iPhone like if you have a mac. But if you have an Microsoft computer and you know how to use it i would get the Samsung Galaxy S4.
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andremartin : iphone 5 is more premium, thinner, fast enough, more secure, more apps, and provides u with everything u want.
On the other hand, the s4 is plastic made and provides many services (like air gesture...) that u won't use and drain the battery, but it is faster, has a better camera, and a bigger screen.
ur call:
would u choose the more compact and more premium feel iphone 5 or the plastic large screened s4
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reteAmeli : I just love Samsung..
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Enenierse : the difference is preferance. personally, i maintain the opinion that iphone is for people who are ignorant and probably dont need a smartphone in the first place. i personally have a galaxy s4, i like how i can customize it to suit my needs, and im not held down by being completely tied to apple strictly.

when it comes down to it, go into any verizon, sprint, at&t, whatever cell provider store and take notice of what the employees are using.

OEM parts for apple products are nearly impossible to find because you have to get them straight from apple, so they can charge more. a new digitizer (screen glass) for my S4 would cost me less than $10 to fix myself.
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