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BusDrersUneni : Hey guys. So I bought a camcorder like back in April with my mom (she paid for half lol) and since the flip is cheap, I have enough money to buy it, because I always wanted one. So here's the thing, I kinda wanna know if I can still return the camcorder I bought back in April? Like I'll list the things:

- I paid for about half, my mom paid for the rest on a debit/credit card.
- I used the camcorder often.
- I bought it in April.
- I opened it and everything, I have the box except all the plastic wrap and tie things.

So can I still return it and get all the money back in cash? Let me know please. :)

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preantcrearge : samsung galaxy player 5.8 it. samsung galaxy player 5.8 it
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EmakyRageerak : If you just want it for music by all means get it, but if you want apps/games ect get an ipod.
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CarmenOA : i found this Samsung nexus 10 tablet and it has a pattern pass code on it and i want to know how to get pass the pass code.
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exharrive : Two days ago, I was trying to erase some pictures on my phone, because my memory was almost full, and it shut down. Then, the apple logo turned on like it was turning back on but instead the screen went black and had a tiny white circular loading screen in the center. It has been doing this ever since. The apple screen will appear and then the loading screen. It doesn't stop until it's dead, and I charge it again.? Has this happened to anyone else? I can't get it looked at until saturday? What can I do?
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fivefingerslf : You can try resetting the phone.. although everything will be deleted.

Or keep it on a charger while you're doing your thing.
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Tkljsjdrtyyurarara : sounds like it's stuck in boot-up. I know more about androids though, so I can't answer about what to do to try to fix it. Google it though. I've actually fixed computers, cleared viruses, and fixed a few phones all from information I learned from a few Google searches.
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tatocuctuaply : i ordered an htc incredible 2 for verizon on amazon and it should be here soon. the esn is clean. but i was looking at reviews on the phone and noticed that the phone takes a sim card? my iphone and blackberry on verizon never took sim cards i normally activated by calling or online. the phone isn't 4g so why would it need a sim card? if it doesn't come with one, would i need one? if so, where do i get it"? also, can i just activate it by *228 even if it takes sim card?
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