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emapseassew : I am taking accounting 1 and have run into a question I can't quite figure out. They paid rent with a check. Is that added to accounts receivable or from the capital?

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PerGriple : So I was on the phone with a friend and I was also doing some texting while on the phone and when I finished texting I went back to the home screen and noticed a blue box around one of my apps. I wasn't sure what this was but was hoping someone could help me out. Haven't seen it since but it's bugging me...BLUE box around an app that lasted a second or 2
Please be serious with your answers! What does "good time" mean??? That's not an answer!!!!
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mapesmootte : good time.
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annemmartinp : i was looking at a phone that i wanted because i wasn't able to find anything else that i liked and there was a message that said: "The device you've selected is not available in your area." I live in San Diego and i wanted to purchase the phone: Samsung Captivate Glide. I did find it on the At&t website but it gave me that message and i don't like any of the other options since i was searching for a full slide out keyboard. I'm not sure if there's any way to purchase this phone from at&t for free with the 2 year plan since i'm in San Diego. I know that i could buy it off other websites but i don't want to spend almost 200$ out of pocket. Does anyone know how i could get this phone from at&t from the area that i'm in? Thanks! :)
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4seoonekenobl : Hi,
I have had my my iPhone 5 since October, and have come across multiple problems since around January. This is my first iPhone so I cannot compare it so older models, but the battery is awful. It will drop up to 15% within 5 minutes without use. Also my Notes app will not open (crashed every attempt) as of two days ago, and it appears all of the notes have been deleted, as when I try to search even the letter "A", nothing shows up. And, my on/off button does not work at all. I have to shut it off manually, but need to plug it in to turn it back on because the button does not work. I still have about a month and a half of warranty left, so do you think they will replace it?

Thank you!
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OthefShoratte : They may depending where you purchased it.
They may make you send it in for the repairs. If you have insurance on tour plan then maybe go that route depending on your deductable.
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jinlin8899 : Ok so I just got the galaxy s3 and does the fido canada have quad core or dual core. Also how long be fore it will start to lag on games and if it makes any diffrence it is a ontario phone
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