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Spoblororne : I received a partial refund of my deposit I put down for a venue for an event I had booked but later had to cancel.

I took it to the bank to cash but didn't notice until then, the bank also noticed, that the check did NOT include the amount of the check in written words. It just had the numbercal amount. The bank wouldn't allow me to cash it as I wanted to pay some bills right away and not wait for it to appear in my checking (my account is with the same bank I went to cash the check). They said that the bank may decline the check because it's not written out in words so the only choices they gave me was to deposit it and wait, or ask for a new check which could take a few weeks since the venue is out of my state.

Will the bank (Bank of America) most likely accept the check?
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GuttwersBeefs : call the bank and ask
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ImmetleFake : I'm due to upgrade my contract but I don't know what phone to get?

I've looked into the latest ones and the technology they have to offer such as HTC one and Samsung Galaxy S4.

However I'm in a dilemma and could do with a few recommendations if possible?

Thanks in advance!
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esyez028 : The galaxy s4 is a well equipped phone and a nice screen I don't know much about the htc.
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dokoccund : GALAXY S4 !!!!

my friend has the mini its awesome !!

Trust me i've got an HTC, the battery life SUCKKKKSSS
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torgonitoh : iPhone
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Booftoino : GALAXY S4 FTW
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Nazartymn : Personally I love iPhones, they have been the best phones I've had by far, I've had the iPhone, IPhone 3 and now I have the iPhone 5. I recommend Iphone 5 but if you are in America get the iPhone 6 :).
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flusetlegmect : Samsung Galaxy S4 for definite i have had endless conversations with people and everyone has recommended this phone also they have said it is better and you can add extra memory double check but it is one of the best phones around and I will be upgrading to one even the adviser who i was talking to who has an iphone 5 said he wishes he had gone with the Galaxy S4 as he didn't realize how good it was :)
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Promocupx : what phone upgrade to. what phone upgrade to
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