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anowslawFlave : Ok my friend was hit by a car walking home from work. will say 9:30 at night first week of Last May. The young girl didn't see her. She was driving daddy's jeep liberty. My friend suffered crushed pelvic bone, and really bad dislocated right shoulder and bruizes. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks then sent to a rehabilitation center where she stayed 3 months. She is now staying with her sister because she still can't go back to work and shouldn't be by herself because there is a lot of stuff she can't do. She has had 2 surgeries already and needs another one for her shoulder. She was getting 60 bucks a week from her insurance while she was in the rehab place. But now they cut her off. Her bills are piling up. She doesn't have her own place no more. Her boyfriend was cheating on her while she was in the hospitals. So she got her personal belongings to storage unit. So now she has no home of her own.The lawyer calls her today and says this girls dads insurance already paid over $50,000 in medical bills, and he tells her they really have no more money. They are trying to get her to settle with $50,000 settlement offer. Now remember she still needs to pay for another surgery. and she hasn't worked in 4 months and has a bunch of bills. and the lawyer gets 15%. What should she do? $50,000 is not nearly enough in my book. But she is so hard up for cash I think she is concidering it. I tell her all the time talk to a different lawyer. Get a second opinion

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preadledema : You can't get blood from a turnip, and you can't get more from the insurance than the policy limits. It sounds like daddy's insurance limit is $100,000. They probably figured that she has $50K more in medical charges which is why they're going to go ahead and settle for the limits. If your friend wants more she'll have to sue the driver.

If she was walking chances are her claim was cut and dry so she probably didn't need a lawyer at the beginning. 15% is not even standard, most get 33%.
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FZRaymond : I want to buy a samsung galaxy s3 can i buy top up cards and add the money to my account to pay for the phone
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UnfofPymnjany : So im about to get a new phone so I decided to transfer my photos from my phone to my computer via a micro sd that has a slot for the sd card I use in my phone. I have photos from my OLD old phone on the sd card, every photo that has been taken using my current phone is saved to the phone. After transfering the photos from my sd card to my computer, I formatted my sd card. Somehow this erased ALL the photos saved to my phone. I know they were NOT on the sd card because I was searching through them as the sd card was OUT of my phone.
And to make it more crazy, I put the sd card back INTO my phone and all the photos that were on my sd card are still there. only the photos that were saved to my phone are gone.
Can anyone help me figure out how that happened and how I can fix it??
To explain my process, I went to settings, sd card and phone storage, format sd card.
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TurnKegedeego : I want to buy the samsung galaxy s3
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profileback498 : I can't imagine why you're asking us instead of Virgin Mobile.
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suskorast : What can i do. I already have my phone for 3 months. It was working fine until yesterday. The left corner
of the screen or the whole left side doesn't respond when i touch it. Does anyone know what i can do?
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