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mapesmootte : I dont just want to take a loan and pay it back. i want to cash out the whole thing and stop having money going into a 401k. What do I need to do and do do I have to pay all of it or some of it back at the begining of the year for tax seson? Or just a percentage or can I have a certain amount automatically taken out so that I dont have to have taxes taken out of it?

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jacquelinerarmstrongg : Congratulations, you're about to make one of the biggest financial mistakes of your life.

On any dollar you take out, there's a 10% penalty tax + the amount you take out is added to your taxable income. For many people that brings your taxes to 30% - 40% of what you withdraw. That doesn't even touch the damage you're doing to yourself when you retire.
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Affestytrit : i have a nokia 5233.i love playing games.but in some games there is a screen keyboard and when i go to shut off the keyboard in...
Menu>settings>app. Maneger>when i go to installed apps..the screen turns back to app.maneger and i unable to remove on-screen keyboard.
And sorry for my bad english.
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tegeauthome : I am really into music, I own an iPod, so I usually listen to all my music in car rides, so in order to save battery I listen in lock mode. Can I do the same with a Samsung Galaxy X.
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qifeng3787 : Yes and you can control the music by speaking into the mic too.
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npletcherbrl : I've always loved Apple. And I always prefer iPhone than Galaxy S. I just wanted to know, which one do you think is the best. Please no arguing, I just want to know your thoughts about the 2. They are both great, but I'm an Apple Fangirl, and have been using Apple more than Samsung.
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Ugg53503 : IMHO, as the S3 adverts showed, Apple is falling behind Samsung technically, and Apple is much more slowly introducing new models - it looks like Apple is focused on iWatch for now

Frankly, I dumped my iPhone and moved to an Android phone 2 years ago, and I am happy as a pig in .....
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teesmarne : I like the Galaxy S4 better even if it is a little difficult sometimes. I had the iPhone 5 once but i gave it to my mom and she gave me her phone and i think i like the galaxy cause it give me more choices, y'know? (:
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depNetSaidava : I'd say galaxy s4.

comparefroggy.tumblr /post/56876301264/whats-the-best-phone-in-the-market
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accocagcise : Hey Mia,

The iPhone 5 is clearly a better phone. The Galaxy S4 is made out of plastic, while the iPhone is made out of aluminum and glass. It has a much better build quality. Its camera lens is made out of sapphire crystal, a material almost as hard as a diamond. It's much thinner, lighter, and durable as well. It also fits perfectly in your hand.

The Galaxy S4 is slightly more powerful than the iPhone 5, but Android still lags, while iOS is slick and snappy. Plus, the Galaxy S4 was released in 2013, while the iPhone 5 was released in 2012. Apple will release the iPhone 5S soon next month in September.

You'll love the iPhone 5. It's like the ultimate life companion, and it is a great combination with Apple's new software, iOS 7. You should buy the iPhone 5. I hope you'll love it. : )

You can find out more at the links below:
apple /iphone/

P.S. Please thumbs up my answer, rate it, or comment if you think it's good. Thanks Mia! : )
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