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ImareeLaw : Thanks for reading this , well basically I'm pretty good with money I think but.i.noticed i.been running my own Buisness for a year now,.I quit my job when I own Buisness, and since then have had lots.of pitfalls, seems ppl got jealous when I started my Buisness, basically my cash flow has gotten really tight and I ran out of my Buisness cushion I had and am not sure if selling my investments is the best choice to pull me out of this, the bills keep piling up and I'm a lol scared to be honest, everyone looks up to me as a success but I got discouraged in my Buisness last two months cause cops kept hassling me and ppl kept belittling my Buisness can get very discouraging, I still have 230000 in assets but don't want to convert.any of them, I have silver and my ira stock but want them to appreciate, is it better to start working part.time so I don't fall deeper in a financial, hole or convert.some of my assets which i.really.don't wanna do, I want to.focus on my Buisness but liquid cash on hand it gets a little tough. I can also go back to school but I know I'm a entrepreneur not really into college

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feadcanny : I have my wifi turned on and everything needed is done but still even though my phone is connected to wifi it does not open any page in the web browser and also messages on whatsapp are not sending. Just to repeat again wifi connection is ON and it is working in good speed on laptop but not on the phone. Just to add I recently downloaded connectify-hotspot latest version and after downloading it the problem occurred for the first time. My phone is showing that it is connected to wifi server but the internet is not working and no page is opening. please provide me with some solution....I can't use my phone without wifi :(
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jepActitInjen : Im looking for facebook emojis but for statuses msg etc.ect any Free good ones im on a samsung galaxy 3
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jeneIncizeped : facebook doesnt allow iphone emojis on their code and servers... this is why they have there own.

as for android and emoji, now that emoji is strictly native to only the iphone.... but, we have a hack for that, as always /store/apps/details?id=com.klncity1.emojikeyboard

and /store/apps/details?id=com.klncity1.emojifontupdater

root your phone.... download both of these apps by KLNCITY1.... now your android has emoji, can post emoji anywhere on the phone, on any app, on any site (minus facebook), and see and view emoji from other users

now, note that this is a hack and not real emoji.... when emoji is updated on iphone, you may not see 100% of all emojis, especially the new ones they make. Give KLNCITY 2-3 weeks to re hack it and update the app on playstore.
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Neenstookem : I was texting people, the only app thing i was using at the time, when my phone started going weird. It was saying the computer chord was in, when it wasnt, and weird stuff like that. So i turned my phone off. When i went to turn it back on, it said it was overheating. I took my battery out and left it for a bit. When my phone was absolutely cold, i tried to turn it on again and it was still saying it was overheating. Its done this before and overheated for two days straight. What so i do???
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cronsonia : ed off ?
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