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Drasayys : I sold my XBOX 360 Kinect online on kijiji and the lady said shes going to send a me a money order but I don't have a bank account and would still be able to cash the money please help!

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zratxhvm : Since lots are fake, yes you need an account so they can go back on it to collect money from you. Best to use paypal, or western union for the money.
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gestundurgire : If both of you are in the US, tell her you ONLY accept USPS money orders. These can be cashed for free, in person at the post office with ID.

Any other kind has to be deposited into a bank account like a check.
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Stoolalixsal : You can cash the money order at a post office.

That is..... IF .... you actually receive a money order from this lady. Either you wait until you receive the money order before you mail the XBox or else you take the risk that you are mailing off your merchandise and will never see payment in return.
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DumArrada : I'm pretty sure it doesn't but what if the person paying your bill asks the company to get them to show up on your bill
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csyez011 : Sending dirty texts? No, they can't -.-
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FliesDigGense : You know the usual,

Windows phone

I want to actually have a windows phone but the problem with it is that the apps are horrible. It would've been nice if it had the apps of an iphone. Should I take it anyway?
Any recommendations?
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jinlin8899 : I've had 2 Smartphones from LG, the LG Optimus M and the LG Thrill. They were both decent. Nothing really Great about them.

I now have te Samsung Galaxy s4, and I have to say that it is one of the smoothest phones I've had!

My friend has a windows phone, it's OK, but I think it's boring. It all depends on preference.

I want to try an Iphone one day they. I feel like I've stuck with androids too much :E
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tireargueme : Worst-blackberry.
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pletcherzbd : i cant open equilzer on nokia asha 210 ........... help me out
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