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Bythindseitty : I am 18 and I have been a phone sex operator for a few months to make extra cash.
I have made enough money that will require me to file taxes.
The issue is:
I want to be a broadcast journalist in the future. I really dont want this to be on my job history if they do a background check. Im so scared. Im literally in college i doomed? what can i do?
Is there a way to make it discrete or jsut not file taxes and stop working for the phone sex site?!

thank you

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theomarttes12ezr : I'm willing to bet you made more than $400, so you will have a filing requirement.

Your tax return *is* private information. Your resume, job applications and credit history are not.
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Rhimibymn : Heck, its not as though you did something disgusting, like sell used cars.

Seriously though, I would put unemployed down for any time worked at that.

Only people that might check on it would be a government contract job.
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bouhambiffKib : I have an iPhone 3GS and it's locked to orange network. I got this phone from cex about 3 months ago now and I need it unlocking so I can change network to three. I'm currently on pay as you go with orange and have been for months. However my dad got me a contract sim with three that lasts up to 1 year and as my phone is locked to orange I have a problem. I really need my phone unlocking really bad. I've been round town and local shops to see if they could do it but everyone is telling me no they can't do it I have to contact orange and get the original owner to unlock it. I have no clue who that is though. I'm living in derby (Derbyshire) please can anyone help me .... ??????

If u can please email me (its all one ignore the spaces)

Nickchampion72 yahoo
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kikskoks : well usually when you want to b unlock your iPhone you have to be off contract try searching online but be careful some sites might say they unlock iPhone but no
another thing is call apple to ask them what can you do I mean if your not the original owner of the phone and want it unlock there as to be a way
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heerginee : This website unlocks many cell phones, but I am not sure about the one you are looking for, give it a try anyways and see what you get

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weebrorge : Hi there!
I'm going to buy the Lumia 520 because I need a phone for 2 months until I get the new iPhone. Do all the apps like whatsapp and viber etc work fine? Would it be good to use for 2 months?
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DSjerrold : I already made a backup from my android text messages (txt) with the "sms backup + restore" app.
But now I want to have my old messages into my new Nokia Lumia windows phone. It doesn't work with 'Transfer my data' app on WP8. So is there any offline/online way to put them in my new phone?
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weesiuddy : Ok so if I buy a tablet from amazon you don't have to pay monthly. but with a pre paid you do...Sorry if I sound stupid but I don't understand this. Any help appreciated :)
Also if I don't pay for one month it will just be a regular tablet that just has wifi correct?
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marleroker : The prepaid one has 4g which is like having wifi where ever you go but you might be limted to data monthly the regular one just has wifi where wifi is available hope this help ;)
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