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guenseskexy : im nearly 18 and iv been told that there are going to be jobs at pets at home store by me and i really need a job so i can get cash as its going to cost me £18.60 to get to college per week and EMA has finished.

what shell i include in my cv as its a retail job?
and also how shell i lay out in the cv?

thank you sooo much for any helpful answers
i will vote best answer :)
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thurgyFug : You need to honest.......Make sure you put in all your educational qualifications, any volunteer work, and any experience regarding retail and pets.......Dress well if you drop off your resume....Just like you would look, to go to work at their store.....Smile and listen.... Tell them you are willing to work hard and learn....
Jobs are are to come by in today's economy, but, a smiling face and willing ability to learn, will earn points for you.... Good Luck.....You sound like you want a good future..... :-))
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Frutrinultusa : mobile owners, orange. mobile owners, orange
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Gromisilsss : A mobile service provider but they have change their name to EE
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nunkCurpittee : Its a mobile network, you get sim cards for your phone! Its joined with Tmobile to make first 4G network in UK called EE
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popzqy : I have an iPhone 4 and this morning it just shut off, its not dead. I have tried to charge it on multiple chargers, it had a charge when it shut off. I tried a hard reset and it did nothing, held it for at least a minute. I tried to put it into recovery mode by turning on iTunes and pressing wake/sleep and home and then plugging it in and still got nothing. What else to try? I really need a phone and I cannot get mine to work! Thank you!
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theomarttesi : Unfortunately, listening to the problem described above, it seems that your iPhone's battery may need to be replaced. You can usually confirm this by bringing it to your local electronics store. Hopefully you will resolve this soon.
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madelyn379 : I still think somethings wrong with the battery cause usually no matter what phones once you plug it in and go to recovery mode it will pop up and say its in recovery would you like to restore it if it has nothing to do with the battery the only thing I can think of is the phone
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liamnigousnum : my nokia model 1209 type rh-105 pin code manual is not reached to so i need the its pin code for the simcard. my nokia model 1209 type rh-105 pin code manual is not reached to so i need the its pin code for the simcard
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GuttwersBeefs : i have a go phone, with 10c a minute plus $4.99 txt package, i know the txt package expires in 30 days and will loss any unused txt balance but the account balance i have supposely last 30 days and loss any balance within 30 days but online it says it expires in november and the account will cancel within next year of january, its not what ive been told in ATT.

does anybody know how this really works?
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