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Daudiodia : I'm 14 years old, and I really need to make some cash! I want to start a small business online, like creating a website and stuff. Does anyone have any idea what I should sell? What kind of business I should have? How to start it without spending a lot of money? Also, how I can advertise? Thanks!

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amitiardedo : So, I have a jailbroken, factory-unlocked iPhone 4 for T-mobile... And the other day I was cleaning up my apps.. Deleting the ones I didn't use..Etc. Well... I went into Cydia and started deleting the things I didn't use also.. And I guess I deleted something important. Because after, I noticed that Cydia had disappeared. My phone worked the rest of the day, until I started face timing & it just suddenly turned off. I then plugged it into my computer only for iTunes to tell me that it needs to be restored. I then tried powering it up.. And then I tried powering it up while holding the volume up button..But neither of these things seemed to do anything. Just a black screen. I then tried to allow iTunes to restore it, but it gave me an error code and said that it couldn't. I'm not sure what the problem is and I don't know how to fix it. ): I'm very upset because I had so many pictures & videos on there... If anyone could PLEASE help, I'd appreciate it. I'll choose best answer!!
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hankon500 : im trying to put a different ringtone on my phone but I updated the iTunes to the 6 I guess and I don't know what to do
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Byhopynep : All media will be deleted from your phone and whatever media is in your iTunes library will be copied onto your phone.
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Aripooh0013 : I use Nokia N97. I just installed viber. I can send free text messages but Im not able to make free calls (it just doesn't show any options for that ). And when I try making viber calls from other devices to mine, it says something like "this user cannot make free calls. Please tab continue to send free texts".
So, guys please help me out .
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JohnMalkovitzch : May be coz. Nokia 97 is not a smart and android phone
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eraliahef : Because most app makers don't bother updating apps on Symbia because it is pretty much a dead platform now, So maybe this is the push you need to upgrade to an Android phone.
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aoioktoy : I have an iphone 3gs that needs replaced and att cant help me. will apple still have one in stock? the att guy said they may give me a 4. true?
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vavaf : The only way to know is to call apple, or go visit the store. These things vary from apple store to apple store, from city to city, from province/state to state etc.
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saitiolmesela : Apple no longer sells the 3GS. You haven't given enough detail for me to give a fully definitive answer, but if your phone is in such a state that Apple is obliged to replace it, then yes, they will likely give you a 4. You may be able to find a refurbished 3GS, however.
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