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dypeadusYpe : I am trying to find Net cash flow of financial activities. I know this has a formula
I know how to get Net cash flow from operating activities
1. Purchased land for $12,000 cash.
2. Acquired $39,000 cash from the issue of common stock.
3. Received $78,000 cash for providing services to customers.
4. Paid cash operating expenses of $40,600.
5. Borrowed $24,000 cash from the bank.
6. Paid a $12,000 cash dividend to the stockholders.
7. Determined that the market value of the land is $49,000
There is beg bal cash $51000 land 500000 $400000 com stock $120000 ret earning $31000
An explanantion on how to get this would be great?

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byszoctgp : What happens if i pay more than what i'm supposed to on a T-Mobile contract bill? For example: if i pay £60 instead of £30, will the extra money be taken out from the next bill?

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vdkm6b18 : I would assume so like when I pay extra for my gas bill it carries over
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SwonMentsMece : I am thinking of buying a new phone. Nokia offer this phone SIM free. what does that mean . I already have a service provider (vodafone spain ) and want to keep my existing number. How do you do this. Or does it mean the phone is not programed for a provider ?
(There are still computer idiots about). Thanks
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vitalykim : "Sim free" means that the phone is not locked to a particular network, and you can use any sim card in it.
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vobviliaEveli : sim free means the phone has never been connected to any network, the phone will accept any network sim card, unlike an unlocked phone, a sim free will not have any network logos on it, it wont have any apps from a network stored in the phone. its kind of like a phone thats come straight from the factory. just put your sim in and all will work just fine.
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BmViagras : I have an iphone 3gs from att and it does accept a straight talk chip, but I cannot use the straight talk online part on my phone? Do I have to have it factory unlocked to use the internet on my phone? If so can I do it myself? Prior to this it is already jail broken too....
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