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toribhibblerg : im going to the states in october and was planning on taking my prepaid credit card cash daughter who lives in the states said a friend of their's had one and couldnt use it in a gas station, grocery store and a department store when they were there ... yet its said on the card website they are good worldwide .. anyone in the states check on this for me???

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exharrive : most gift card are only vaild in the county that issued them
so you are in canada so its only vaild in canada
thats probally why
its the same for us gift card they are not vaild in canada
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Orgabbade : alright so my mom wants to switch companies and saw this commercial by t-mobile that said 4 lines for 100 dollars, so i went to check this online, but what's up with the $0 upfront for the phones, is it a good thing or a bad thing? is there a contract with t-mobile? is it really 4 lines unlimited everything for $100 or is that what they just say on t.v.?
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GaremeLeCar : I'm thinking of downloading Order and Chaos online to my iPhone and I wonder is it any good? What are your thoughts?
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uttentulp : It was alright. I got bored of it fairly quickly, but then again I don't usually play MMO's.

I heard it was kinda like WoW, but for mobile devices. I don't think it's worth the price of $6.99 though.

Just last month IGN was giving out free codes that you could redeem to get the game for free which was how I got it. Too bad the offers expired now.

Unless you're talking about the freemium version, in which case go ahead and try it out.
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Annedezow : My brother got a new Phone and we spend like 3 hours thinking how to turn on the Wi-fi , we went to Options , Settings and every where ! Anyone know how to turn it on?
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Neenstookem : here are some links first you see the features then you decide.

q8mobilez /1190.html#more-1190

q8mobilez /what-are-the-features-of-nokia-lumia-820.html#more-1139
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ChetAnned : free ringtones for a virgin mobile kyocera brio. free ringtones for a virgin mobile kyocera brio
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Aredaqueerb : ventones

its where I get all my ringtones for free
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