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rebecontannyM : If I have no money in my bank account and a potential bank agreed overdraft of 2000£, if I issue a cheque of 600£, will it be cashed ok? will it be covered by my bank overdraft service?

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UnillaUrids : Like AT&T and Verizon?

Tell me why they should/n't cap data
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pletcherzbd : They can do whatever they like.

You can "vote" for or against what they do
by either using their services or not.
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jiniaSown : I used to be on Giffgaff UK and they claimed truly unlimited Internet but after I used 6gb they gave me a data bar with no warning so I couldn't use the Internet for 2 weeks until they read my appeal.
So I reported them to Oftel and found out they already had hundreds of complaints.
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UnillaUrids : Because they have the right to offer anything they think will sell, the is NO right or wrong in data caps. Do you think you can force a mobile phone carrier to no cap data. Maybe stage a protest, or stomp your feet or even pout.
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Aredaqueerb : My friend and I have 2 ideas for new games. One, we think would be developed on the PC, and the other one would be developed as a mobile game. However, the problem arises is that we have no useful coding experience (what little experience we have does not cover what we need to code). So, we decided that we would ask some professional designers to code it for us. Who can we contact? Thank you in advance.
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Zeromiraxer : Sorry game developers don't take people's ideas and if you did contact then they probaly wouldn't reply.
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hermancndvew : People have tried before then sued the developers for "stealing" their ideas after the developer does it. Now no developer will risk it. You'd have to learn to make games yourself or maybe try to find someone who knows coding.
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Entethync : Well.. let's be optimistic and say you can find someone who can help you.. one not best thing to do is to just search STEAM for game developers and you might actually find someone who isn't the best and not the worst developer, then just search contact for him/her/it/them on Google
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WheemiGacence : Contact your carrier and request a new sim card.
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