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SpovaInnope : Well basically I'm going out with this girl (since yesterday) I'm 15 and hold basically nothing to my name. I have no money to take her out, or even get the bus to her house. I've looked for a job but I can't find one. Everything is taken.. And as I'm only 15 no one would really employ me unless I was a paper boy or something. I don't want to ask my parents for money so has anyone got a way I can make some decent money fast?

Also the bus prices in England are crazy at the moment so It is costing me like £10 which is $16 Just to get to her house and back.

Sensible answers please- I don't want to be a hobo, a hooker or pull off an insurance fraud or a bank job. I just want to make some good honest cash.

Thank-you for your time:)
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necladatio : I am looking into getting a a plan from Virgin Mobile. I know virgin uses sprint towers. When I look at Verizon or AT&T maps they seem to show more coverage than sprints. Is Sprints service really spotty or is it good? I've checked plans and Sprint seems to offer more for less. $35 a month for unlimited text/data while AT&T is around $50.
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Timd84 : In the past to gets xats and days on xat I have used the pay by mobile text option which I've had no problems with. Now they have taken that option off. My Dad keeps a credit card that I use for the internet but he wont let me use it for things like getting xats and days which is for things like my powers on xat. Also they do not sell ultimate game cards in any UK store which you can also use to buy xats and days with. So I used this other option which is dao pay by ringing a USA number up as I had almost £20 credit on my phone. I though it was going to cost me £16 but it just wiped all my credit off.
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aquaguent : what are some advantages and disadvantages to Sms
and the improvements since it came out?
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QUEUEREDYPE : An increasingly popular mode of marketing tool, SMS marketing enables easy communication with the consumers. With a single message being used to reach out to the entire customer base, it is cost effective and also saves time. Through this application, marketers can use a single message to communicate to their entire customer base. Instead of contacting each customer personally like in telemarketing, in mobile marketing through bulk messaging, an advertising message can be distributed to several consumers all at once.SMS has become the most popular mode of communication today with most of us using it to communicate with our friends, family and acquaintances. Unlike an email or a newsletter, nearly every message that is sent on a mobile phone is generally read by the user. Being an extremely personal mode of communication, you can establish a direct contact with your client, building on the relationship.
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iandefton : walmart /ip/Straight-Talk-LG-Optimus-Q-Android-Prepaid-Cell-Phone/17771199
If i were to buy this phone, and not get a card for it, could i use it as a Wi-Fi Device?
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FriendJames : Hello Jack,

As ive read in on this phone, yes you can use wifi connection on it, its a prepaid phone, so you will have to pay for data, talk and text,

hope i have answered your question!
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